Buying a home is one of life’s biggest milestones. Naturally, it comes with a lot of questions. Being prepared means being informed, so we’ve created a Planning for Homeownership guide (PDF) to help you along the way to your new home. And no matter what questions you have, we’re here to answer them.

Our guide answers the most common homebuying questions.

  • Am I really ready to buy a home?
  • Can I afford to buy a home?
  • Will I qualify for a loan?
  • What types of mortgages are available?
  • Which mortgage best fits my needs?

A little extra help can go a long way.

5 ways to help you save.

Follow these easy tips to help reach your financial goal.

Make sure your finances are in order.

You don’t want to rush into buying. From browsing mortgage options to examining your credit report, here are the steps you should take.

The search for the perfect home can be an exciting adventure. But if you don’t know where to begin or what to do once you’ve found it, we can help. Our Planning for Homeownership guide (PDF) can ease your concerns and answer your most pressing questions. Plus, our mortgage team has your back every step of the way.

Our guide answers the most common homebuying questions.

  • How do I start my home search?
  • I’ve found my home, what’s next?

A little extra help can go a long way.

Find a home that meets your wish list.

What’s most important to you as you search for a home?

Before you find that amazing house, start the preapproval process.Disclosure 1

It can be as easy as completing a few simple steps.

Once you’ve found the place you’ve been hoping for, it’s time to apply and buy. It’s a big step, and we’re here to help. Our Planning for Homeownership guide (PDF) explains how you apply for a loan as well as what happens at closing and beyond.

Our guide answers the most common homebuying questions.

  • How do I apply for a loan?
  • What happens at closing?

A little extra help can go a long way.

5 things you should know before closing on a home

Closing is the final hurdle that stands between you and homeownership. But what actually happens? Learn the when, who, and what of closing day.

Closing with confidence

Understand your journey from application to closing. Check out our comprehensive guide for everything you need to know.

A mortgage will likely be your biggest monthly expense, so it’s smart to map out your income and expenses. Our Planning for Homeownership guide (PDF) has worksheets that can help you see exactly where you stand.

Find these helpful worksheets starting on pg. 21 of our guide.

  • Monthly household budget worksheet
  • Maximum loan amount worksheet

A little extra help can go a long way.

“Wait, how much?” The 4 costs that surprise many homebuyers.

When buying a home, it’s easy to look at the purchase price. But when setting your total budget, don’t forget to include these four less-apparent expenses.

Buying your first home? Start with a budget.

Starting your search with a budget—and knowing how to stick to it—is essential. Before you buy, check out these common budgeting best practices and learn what to expect from the homebuying process.

Finding the right home—and making it yours—starts with a little inspiration and a lot of support.

A little wisdom goes a long way. 

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

3 out of 4 homeowners say their home is their biggest source of wealth.Disclosure 1

“Scatter coins in the living room the day you move in and prosperity will reign while you’re there.” – Filipino traditional saying

Ready to get preapprovedDisclosure 2 for a mortgage loan?

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