And we could all use a little more of it—especially where it's least expected.

  • A reassuring smile.
  • A pay-it-forward coffee.
  • An honest piece of advice.

Simple acts of care create trust and bring joy. They're little things that connect us—and big moments that lift us up.
Care inspires us to keep going. Keep trying. Keep doing.

It's time for better. It's time for care.

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Every day our teammates are changing things for the better—creating priceless moments and massive movements. They don't do it for recognition. They do it because they care.

Faith and financing create better care for Atlanta's homeless.
People shaking hands

A community leader and non-profit banker share a mission to change lives.

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An old relationship and a new program save a D.C. institution.
Hardware store employee

A trusted relationship and the Paycheck Protection Program save an institution.

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Truist teammates prop up a hoop to help.
Truist teammate on the phone

A multi-state effort to bring a simple joy to a father and son.

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Care is at our core.

Truist was formed because we knew our heritage banks could do more for our clients together. With an established legacy behind us, we're building a new culture of care from the inside out. You'll see it in our technology, our actions, and on our faces. Through our purpose, mission, and values, we plan to change what you expect from—and how you feel about—your bank.

Helping you live happier

That's the goal of Money and Mindset with Bright and Brian. It's a podcast with two students of finance and happiness helping us better understand our relationship with both—and hopefully bringing more confidence and joy into your life.

Together, they tackle topics like charitable giving, control, and relationships, and how they relate to your financial and emotional well-being.

Building a community of care

Care is contagious. It grows. It spreads. It sweeps through lives and communities and creates positive, lasting change. So we're taking every opportunity we can get to ignite the spark of care in neighborhoods throughout our markets to build something better.

See how.