Let us show you care.

One small act of care creates another. And another. And before you know it, care is on a roll.

Better lives begin with care.

And we could all use a little more of it—especially where it’s least expected.

A reassuring smile. A pay-it-forward coffee. An honest piece of advice.

Simple acts of care create trust and bring joy. They’re little things that connect us—and big moments that lift us up. Care inspires us to keep going. Keep trying. Keep doing.

It’s time for better. It’s time for care.

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Stories to fill your cup.

People everywhere are changing things for the better—through care. They're creating priceless moments and massive movements. They don't do it for recognition. But their stories bring us joy, and they deserve to be shared.


We're in a unique situation here at Truist.

In COVID- 19 our world easily faded away.

When you think about it all we really got is each other. That's one of the things that we can learn out of this.


Really it was just a regular call. He needed help getting onto his online banking.

As he was struggling, I was asking him was he okay.

He said well I fell off the ladder trying to put a basketball hoop for my son.

His leg is in pain.

He had told me that he had had some surgeries on it and he shared with me that his son wasspecial needs and that his son was kind of just like waiting for the basketball hoop.

It touched me, kind of almost felt like I was in pain.

H was in Georgia. I was here in North Carolina.

I wanted to go there and put up the basketball court for him myself. I wanted to go finish the job.

I got in touch with Michael Brown in the client's hometown.

I knew that everything was going to be okay because he was so eager.

The situation, I mean how could I walk away from that?

I felt there was no other choice. I went over to his house and climbed up in the attic and got the bolts through.

In that moment it was like the fog of COVID 19 lifted.

On my way that morning I'd stopped and got a little basketball.

He jumped up and he ran over there to the basketball and started you know throwing the ball up.

And all the time during this Paul's iming me and keeping up with it.


Made me proud to work for this company our purpose here at Truist is to inspire and build better lives and communities and you can see it all around this company.


If Michael Brown we're standing here right now, I might just have to forget COVID protocols and just give him a hug.

I mean we formed a bond during that. I didn't know Paul before that but I always consider Paul my friend now.

I couldn't change the fact that he broke his hip. I couldn't change COVID 19. I could put up a basketball hoop.


What seems so light and small for us can make such a difference in another person's life.

You may not be able to do a lot of things but do what you can.

I'm actually a pilot, and I help move animals from shelters to foster homes or permanent homes.

What Truist is doing, you've gotta lift your head up, look around and say how can I help? How can I make a difference?

What's happened with COVID is, many people lost their jobs and animals are one of the first things you start to cut dollars and cents on, which is a shame.

I said, "I can make a difference by helping these animals who are otherwise displaced or in need, and then I get the satisfaction of really giving something to the community.

Truist's purpose, it's all right there in the front and center of what we do all the time.

We've got 50,000 people who work for this company.

If 50,000 people all did one little thing each day to make the community better, what does that math come out to? Do that over the year, you're now talking about 15 million good deeds. That makes a difference.

We are the oldest hardware store in Washington Dc continuously operated since 1866.

We moved here in 2014 and this is hopefully will be the home for the next hundred years at least.

Jenks is unique because there's not just a hardware store they have a very profitable income producing building with a very dynamite hardware store in the center of the building.

In order for us to stay in business our ability to change direction has enabled us to go through the ebbs and flows that the economy has gone through over the last 150 years.

Truist enables us to finance our business which enables us to provide the products and services that the residents of this community actually use and depend on.

The ultimate goal of the PPP loans was to make sure that people were able to keep getting paid even if they were in situations, where by no fault of their own, they couldn't go to work.

Twenty percent of our staff was 60 or over and one of the things that we didn't want to do was let those people go.

And I called Truist they gave us some direction on the PPP loan.

We had the loan submitted within a week. We received our funds within probably two to three weeks.

And that enabled us to keep everyone on staff that we had we wanted to make sure that everybody stayed healthy and when business came back we have a full crew of the same people that we had when we started.

It was an honor having President Biden here talking about the PPP loans.

I think was important. I think that the small businesses that may have been afraid to go out and take a PPP loan.

I think this hopefully gave them some incentive to take advantage of that because it really was designed to make sure that small businesses were able to survive.

I love this story about Jenks and son. They've been a staple in dc since 1866.

So that's 155 years of providing goods and services to support their community.

And so the fact that in their time of need we were able to support them so that they can continue to support their community lets me see that we are truly living up to the truest purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities.


Care is at our core.

Truist was formed because we knew our heritage banks would be better together. With an established legacy behind us, we’re building a new culture of care from the inside out. You’ll see it in our technology, our actions, and on our faces. Through our purpose, mission, and values, we plan to change what you expect from—and how you feel about—your bank.

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Together, they tackle topics like charitable giving, control, and relationships, and how they relate to your financial and emotional well-being. 

When care takes root in a community, it grows into something strong. Inspiring. Powerful. So we’re planting seeds of care in the communities we serve to create positive, lasting change. 

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