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A house. Vacation. Tickets to a show. Whatever you want, your savings account can help you get it.

Protection from overdrafts?4 You got it.

Cover yourself—link your Truist savings account to your Truist personal checking account for Overdraft Protection. If you accidentally overspend, we’ll automatically transfer available funds from your savings to your checking account.

Definitely more secure than your mattress.

Your money is FDIC insured to the max limit. It's backed by the U.S. government—rest easy.

Bank better.

Digital features like Zelle®,5 bill pay, and balance notifications, make managing money a whole lot easier.

Credit cards

Cash back, extra miles, our lowest rate, or upscale perks. Choose how you'll make doing the things you love even more rewarding.

Earn extra cash back.

Get bonus cash apart from your Truist card’s regular benefits—just by shopping at your favorite retailers. New deals are added all the time.

Stay protected with card controls.

Protection feels good. Receive real-time alerts, set spending limits, even lock or unlock your card with our mobile app.

Breathe easier with contactless payments.

Every card has tap-to-pay, so checkout is fast—and safe. Whew.


Get rid of debt faster. Cover unexpected expenses. Replace your HVAC (finally). We’ll help you find a great way to do it—in less than two minutes.

Fast decisions.

Confidence can come quickly—usually in under 15 minutes.7

Low rates and flexible monthly payments.

Design your loan to work within your budget, or to be paid off quickly.

Convenience, access, and service.

Have questions or need help? You’ll find a lot of smiling faces in any of our 3,100 locations.


An enhanced digital homebuying experience—with help from real people when you need it.

Digital meets personal.

Buying? Track your application with our app—with support from our team every step of the way.

Free up cash.

Refinancing? Get cash for what’s important now, or see if you can lower your monthly payment.

Flexible terms and rates.

When budget matters, we’ll show you options to help your dreams of owning a home come true.

Small business

Your grit and sacrifice should be matched by a partner who cares as much as you.

Start simple. A basic account comes with a banking partner.

Open a checking account, open the door to a banking relationship. You’ll get the tools you’re after to get business done—and the care you need to help your business thrive.

Yes. The power to purchase.

Need a cash flow boost? From taking care of bills to taking care of growth—you’re ready for anything with the right credit card.

Start that next big thing.

Big dreams need big funding. We're here with lending options to start making it real.


Achieving your financial dreams requires smart decisions that help create opportunities. Having a trusted financial advisor by your side can make all the difference.

Invest with a purpose.

Your portfolio should be more than a collection of stocks and bonds. It should reflect your success to date and your dreams for the future.

Adhere to a disciplined process.

Our advisors can help you avoid costly mistakes and keep you focused on long-term goals during market turbulence.

Mitigate unnecessary risk.

We believe portfolios should be diversified globally. Periodic rebalancing of allocations reduces risk and helps improve outcomes over time.


No matter where you are in your pursuit of true wealth, we have precise expertise and tailored services to fit your life now—and later.

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Simple yet sophisticated. Keep your money working for you around the clock with preferred rates, convenient access, and much more.

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Whether your needs are for charitable, business, legacy, or personal reasons, we’re equipped to help. 

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Tell us your vision for the future. We’ll help you make it happen.