What better security looks like.

Stay in the loop.

Be the first to know—get customizable fraud alerts by text or email.

Enjoy peace of mind.

Just registering for online banking gives you access to security features like customizable card controls, multi-factor authentication, and paperless statements.

Get support you can count on.

We proactively monitor accounts and will contact you if we see certain types of questionable activity. We also have a team that will be glad to help you by phone.

Better security means technology that makes life better.

Download our mobile app.

Get ahead of possible fraud with alerts from the Truist Mobile Banking app.

Enjoy round-the-clock protection.

Learn about all the technology we use to keep you protected.

Go paperless.

Help keep your mail from landing in the bad guys’ hands. It’s environmentally friendly and easier than buying a shredder. With paperless statements, you can:

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  • Reduce identity theft risk.
  • Save statements for easy, safe record keeping.
  • Track account history for up to seven years.
  • Eliminate clutter and the need to store or shred paper statements.
  • View transactions quickly and securely.
  • Go paperless: sign in to online banking, select My Settings, then select Document Center in the top right corner, then select Paperless Preferences.

Give yourself more peace of mind. Take our crash course in online security.

Staying safe means staying one step ahead.

It starts with you.

  • Use a strong and unique username and password—make sure it’s one you don’t use elsewhere.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication. (This is a two-step sign-in process where you’ll be asked to verify that it’s you through biometric identification or by entering a one-time code you receive through text or email.)
  • Update your contact information to ensure Truist can contact you in case of suspicious activity.
  • Download the Truist app and enable alerts to your phone.
  • Ensure anti-virus, operating systems, and apps are up to date.
  • Be wary of suspicious messages, links, and requests for personal information.
  • Go paperless.

Know the latest frauds and scams.

Identify scams, and stay one step ahead of data thieves.

Something look phishy?

The step-by-step-guide we hope you never need.