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Want to know how much house is in your budget?Disclosure 1, Disclosure 2, Our calculatorDisclosure 3 can show you based on your monthly expenses and income.

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A smart move. Getting a mortgage preapprovalDisclosure 4 helps you know where you stand. Even better, it shows real estate agents and sellers that you’re ready to do business.

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Found the right home? Great! It’s time to make it yours. Apply entirely online, then follow your status in real time with our progress tracker. New to this? Watch a short video to know what to expect.

Today’s mortgage ratesDisclosure 5

Mortgage rates change every day. If you see a rate that works for you, start your application right away.

Calculate your mortgage payment. 

Let’s get that monthly payment in your sweet spot. Our mortgage calculatorDisclosure 3 can show you lots of possibilities. You can fine-tune your potential payment based on home price, down payment, mortgage type, and more.

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If you need help, we have solutions. Visit our Mortgage client services page to learn about payments, assistance, and other common mortgage topics. Still have questions? No problem. Reach out through our app, by email, or by phone.




    Money and Mindset

    Make the most of life's moments

    Spending and Saving

    Don’t let the unexpected rattle you, grow your money confidence.

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    Personal Insurance

    Insure your home, your car, and more with McGriff, a wholly owned subsidiary of Truist Insurance Holdings, Inc.

    Truist personal checking

    Open a Truist personal checking account and easily manage your mortgage payment.

    Home equity line of credit

    When it’s not the right time to refinance, a HELOC is a great option for access to cash.