An easy way to check out online is here.

Shopping online? Let’s keep your card details anonymous. PazeSM is an online checkout experience available to you at no cost—and backed by Truist—that’s more secure than guest checkout.


Enjoy an extra layer of security.

Your card details stay anonymous. PazeSM replaces your 16-digit card number with a unique number to make your transactions more secure than manually entering your card details.


Checkout is simple.

After an easy initial setup, PazeSM enables you to check out without entering full card numbers. There are no new passwords to remember when using PazeSM Disclosure 2,no new apps to download, and no fees to use it. 

Your banking information stays current.

Your PazeSM wallet is automatically updated when you get new cards or receive new expiration dates—and also when you update the email, phone number, or address connected to your Truist account.

PazeSM is convenient.

The selection of online stores that have the blue PazeSM button at checkout is growing all the time. And you can manage your Paze wallet right from your Truist mobile app or online banking.

Start using Paze℠ online checkout in just a few steps.

Want to breeze through your Paze activation? Watch this quick tutorial to help you get started using your Truist mobile app.

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Let’s activate your Paze wallet.

Paze can be activated easily from your Truist online banking or mobile app.

In this video, we’ll focus on activating through the mobile app. From your Card Controls screen, select digital wallet.

You’ll see any digital wallets connected to your Truist online banking. Sleet Paze.

Activate Paze. You may also choose to opt out of Paze from this screen.

We’ll let you know you are heading to a third-party site. Select Continue.

You’ll have an opportunity to view the Paze Service Agreement. Review the agreement and check I agree.

Then, activate your wallet.

You’ll see a confirmation screen, along with a few of the merchants who accept Paze. You can return your Truist mobile app from here.

Once you’ve returned, you can manage the Truist cards on your page wallet. All eligible cards in your wallet will be set to activate. To remove one, simply toggle off.

You’re ready to start checking out online where Paze is accepted.

Participating retailers can find your Paze wallet automatically when you enter your email address at checkout.

You’ll need to complete a one-time verification with each retailer at checkout.

A code will be sent to your mobile device to complete the verification.

Enter the code that’s it, you’re verified.

Congrats, enjoy simple checkout backed by your bank.

Frequently asked questions about PazeSM

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Paze is a checkout experience offered by Truist that allows you to checkout online without having to share your actual card numbers.

Paze is convenient, easy to use, and built by financial institutions.

  • Paze uses a unique code when you check out so your actual card numbers aren’t shared.
  • It’s easy to use, which makes checkout easy. There are no new passwords to remember and you won’t have to manually enter full card details.
  • It’s offered by the financial institutions that you already use.

Paze supports eligible credit and debit cards issued by participating banks and credit unions—and more are being added. You can find the full list of financial institutions currently offering Paze at 

With Paze, you don’t need to sign up or download a new app. Just look for the Paze logo when you check out at a participating business or enter the email address you use with your financial institution when shopping online.

You’ll be able to opt out of Paze once Truist has added your eligible cards to the service. You’ll be informed when this happens. When you opt out of Paze, all your card details will be completely removed, and you will not have access to the Paze wallet unless you share your information again.

Opting out at will delete all cards and prevent cards from being automatically added by any bank or credit union who offers Paze now or in the future.

If you have questions, just contact us at 844-4TRUIST (844-487-8478).

You can use Paze at any participating online business. You can view the list of businesses that accept Paze here.

Paze does not impact the rewards program associated with your credit or debit card. Please see your rewards program terms and conditions for more information.

Yes, your Paze wallet can include cards from multiple participating financial institutions. You’ll choose one to set as your default card.

Yes, you can use Paze at online checkout for supported business where you would use your credit or debit card.

You can find the Paze Terms & Conditions and the Paze Privacy Notice at

Paze uses the email address associated with your participating financial institutions. An email address can only be associated with one Paze wallet so, for the best experience, we recommend that you avoid using an email address that you share with someone else.

To change your email address, you'll need to update it in our mobile app or online banking. Start here, then select Digital wallet > Paze. The email address for your wallet will be under the Paze account details section.

If your email is already being used for another wallet (for example, by your spouse or someone who you would share a bank account with) and they claim it first, you won’t be able to use that email address. In that case, you can update your primary bank email to one that is not in use, and Paze will attempt to create a new wallet with the updated email.

Unfortunately, we cannot know which bank stores your email information, and the bank that has your data does not share it with us.

Not all financial institutions support Paze, and some credit and debit cards may not be eligible for Paze. Paze supports consumer credit and debit cards held by U.S.-based customers with an SSN or TIN, who are 18 years and older, and who have a mobile or online account with that financial institution. In addition, you must have a U.S.-based address and phone number, and a valid email address, to be eligible for Paze.

Your wallet is created with recently used, eligible cards. If additional cards are eligible, you may be able to add them or remove existing cards by visiting the Paze management page on our mobile app or online banking.

Yes, you can change your default card, which will always be displayed at the top of your Paze digital wallet, when checking out using Paze. Open the dropdown next to the card, select a card, then check the Set default box.

To see the full list of FAQs for PazeSM, visit