Truist One Savings1

Saving? More like building. Building security. Building towards personal goals. Building interest. And building more perks—the cash in your Truist One Savings account may help you get more benefits from your Truist One Checking account.

More details about Truist One Savings

Here are the benefits

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  • Build towards more perks—the cash in your Truist One Savings account may help you get more benefits from your Truist One Checking account.
  • Earn interest on your savings.
  • No overdraft related fees.3
  • Feel more confident when you have money saved for emergencies or specific goals.
  • Link to your Truist personal checking account for Overdraft Protection. Truist One Savings can automatically transfer available funds to your checking account if needed—no overdraft protection transfer fees attached.4

Why it’s a good fit

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Truist One Savings is a great choice if you:

  • Have a Truist personal checking account
  • Are looking for a simple way to start saving
  • Are building an emergency fund or saving for a specific goal
  • Want to earn interest
  • Want Overdraft Protection for your Truist personal checking account—with no overdraft protection transfer fees4

Fee information1

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Any of the following will waive the $5 monthly maintenance fee:

  • Have a related5 Truist personal checking account
  • Keep a minimum daily ledger balance6 of $300 or more
  • Schedule a recurring preauthorized internal transfer of $25 or more per statement cycle
  • Be under 18 years of age7

No fee for first six withdrawals each month.4

Waive the $3 Paper Statement fee by enrolling in paperless statements.1

Savings calculator

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Truist One Savings has a $50 minimum opening deposit.

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Check out Truist One Checking.

Truist One Checking has all the benefits you care about—no overdraft fees3 and $100 of coverage for eligible clients when you accidentally overspend.8 The best part? The benefits increase as your balances grow. Automatically.