4 ways to find the perfect home


Finding the perfect home at the right price can be a challenge. Follow these four tips to take the stress out of house hunting.

Start with a plan and stress less.

Looking for a home that meets the items on your wish list—and falls within your budget? Try using these four tips.

1. Explore online listings.

Starting your hunt online can help narrow down your search, saving you time and energy. Websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin post listings, offer virtual tours, and allow you to customize your home searches.

2. Find a qualified real estate agent.

An online listing catch your eye? A real estate agent can help you navigate the negotiating and buying process.

Check with family and friends for referrals. Their experience can be a good indication of the type and quality of service you can expect.

3. Make the most of open houses.

Open houses are a great opportunity to spot any potential red flags—like unfinished or sloppy projects—before you buy. Peek in cabinets and closets—two areas most homebuyers forget to check. And chat with neighbors on your way out to get a sense of the community and its residents.

4. Know when to move on.

Say you find a home you love. But it doesn’t have the extra bedroom your family needs. Or it doesn’t quite fit your budget. Walking away from a home that is close to your ideal can be a smart move.


Ask if there are other models in the neighborhood. Or search for homes from the same builder to find similar features and amenities. The right house for you is out there. Keep looking.

Get started today.

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