Truist Ventures is shaping the future of finance by investing in strategic partnerships, inspiring products, and exceptional leaders. As a uniquely nimble part of Truist Bank, we have the agility to get things done quickly, and the ability to provide you with the resources and exposure you deserve.

The best of both worlds.

We share your entrepreneurial vision. We move swiftly within our streamlined team to match your pace of innovation—making sure you don’t miss a single opportunity. But we don’t hesitate to use the power of our network. As part of the sixth largest bank in the country, we can provide you with strength, stability, and invaluable access to the resources within Truist.

We value our partnerships.

Right now, our clients are pushing boundaries and redefining fintech. Some you might already recognize. The others—it’s only a matter of time.

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Head of Truist Ventures

Vanessa Vreeland

Vanessa is using her 20 years of experience as a venture capitalist to lead Truist Ventures. She’s built and led teams that collectively invested nearly $800 million of balance sheet capital into dozens of private equity funds and over 50 companies in a variety of industries and stages. Specializing in fintech, she’s helping Truist combine human touch and innovative technology by identifying transformative companies and investing in their novel solutions.

Who are you? And more importantly—who do you want to be?

Truist Ventures is looking to partner with exceptional people and develop groundbreaking products. Together, we’ll work to shape the future of fintech, better our communities, and enhance our client experience. Innovation and novel solutions exist in companies of all sizes—so we’re stage-agnostic. We have the expertise to lead or participate in financing rounds from series A to buyout and everything in between. We can even develop creative financing structures to meet your company’s specific needs.

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