How much care can you create in a day?

We wanted to find out. So we gave a Truist Visa card and a team of people to Greg Olsen, Jaylen Waddle, Younghoe Koo, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Jalen Hurts, and let them design their ultimate day of care.

Greg Olsen

Care is a matter of heart for Greg and his family. Their world shifted when his son, T.J., was born with congenital heart disease in 2012. But after a transplant in 2020, T.J. is thriving—and helping his dad pay forward the kindness they received in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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We're really excited for today.

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This is a day that we've been looking forward to for a while now.

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I'm Greg Olsen.

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I've teamed up with Truist for a community day of giving and connect

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with some of the special places and the special people here in the community.

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I'm at a loss for words to see someone

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see the special place that it is.

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It means everything. I think this is exactly what we needed.

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And I hope you guys enjoy taking a ride with us as we go Beyond the Field.

Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle is changing the game. Whether it’s through his hard work on the football field, his dedication to the people of Miami, or the care he gives to those in need—Jaylen is out to make a difference.

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So I partnered with Truist

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to go Beyond the Field and take care of my Miami community.

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To actually have somebody like yourself

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because, you know, you come in here and do it, take the time.

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And it's really a lot of things you could have done to take the time

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and let people know what we're doing in the community and it’s appreciated.

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Follow along with hashtag beyond the field.

Younghoe Koo

Younghoe’s extraordinary life has been defined by hard work, persistence, and the thoughtful actions of people who cared about his success. He spent his day of care paying it forward to his Atlanta neighbors.

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I partnered with Truist

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and they helped me design a whole day of giving back to Atlanta community.

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Let's get this day started.

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We really do survive on the people in our community buying

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into what we're doing, seeing the problem, understanding how they can help.

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And so to see somebody in our community

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partnering with us to do that, it's unbelievable.

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Follow along with hashtag beyond the field.

DeMarcus Lawrence

Is DeMarcus Lawrence a superhero? He certainly looks—and acts—the part. He jumped into action on his day off to care for his Dallas community.

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DeMarcus Lawrence here with partners at Truist.

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We just want to give back, show some love, spread some love,

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in the community.

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We couldn't do it without people like DeMarcus Lawrence and Truist.

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Everything that we do has to come from individuals who are passionate

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about the mission and the families that we serve.

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If you want to follow along, hashtag beyond the field.

Jalen Hurts

Quarterback Jalen Hurts shows up for Philly. Even on his days off. Watch how he goes above and beyond to take care of Philadelphia’s youth.

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What's going on, everybody?

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I'm Jalen Hurts.

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I'm here in the city of Philadelphia, ready to make some kids smile,

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change some lives, make a difference.

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So let's go.

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I just want to say thank you to Truist for helping me.

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Giving me a helping hand and changing this community,

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trying to make a difference in this community,

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and giving back to this wonderful city of Philadelphia.

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Thank you.