How much care can you create in a day?

We wanted to find out. So we gave a Truist Visa card and a team of people to Greg Olsen, Jaylen Waddle, Younghoe Koo, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Jalen Hurts, and let them design their ultimate day of care.

Greg Olsen

Care is a matter of heart for Greg and his family. Their world shifted when his son, T.J., was born with congenital heart disease in 2012. But after a transplant in 2021, T.J. is thriving—and helping his dad pay forward the kindness they received in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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We're really excited for today.

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This is a day that we've been looking forward to for a while now.

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I'm Greg Olsen.

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I've teamed up with Truist for a community day of giving and connect

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with some of the special places and the special people here in the community.

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I'm at a loss for words to see someone

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see the special place that it is.

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It means everything. I think this is exactly what we needed.

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And I hope you guys enjoy taking a ride with us as we go Beyond the Field.

Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle is changing the game. Whether it’s through his hard work on the football field, his dedication to the people of Miami, or the care he gives to those in need—Jaylen is out to make a difference.

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So I partnered with Truist

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to go Beyond the Field and take care of my Miami community.

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To actually have somebody like yourself

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because, you know, you come in here and do it, take the time.

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And it's really a lot of things you could have done to take the time

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and let people know what we're doing in the community and it’s appreciated.

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Follow along with hashtag beyond the field.

Younghoe Koo

Younghoe’s extraordinary life has been defined by hard work, persistence, and the thoughtful actions of people who cared about his success. He spent his day of care paying it forward to his Atlanta neighbors.

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I partnered with Truist

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and they helped me design a whole day of giving back to Atlanta community.

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Let's get this day started.

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We really do survive on the people in our community buying

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into what we're doing, seeing the problem, understanding how they can help.

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And so to see somebody in our community

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partnering with us to do that, it's unbelievable.

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Follow along with hashtag beyond the field.

DeMarcus Lawrence

Is DeMarcus Lawrence a superhero? He certainly looks—and acts—the part. He jumped into action on his day off to care for his Dallas community.

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DeMarcus Lawrence here with partners at Truist.

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We just want to give back, show some love, spread some love,

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in the community.

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We couldn't do it without people like DeMarcus Lawrence and Truist.

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Everything that we do has to come from individuals who are passionate

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about the mission and the families that we serve.

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If you want to follow along, hashtag beyond the field.

Jalen Hurts

Quarterback Jalen Hurts shows up for Philly. Even on his days off. Watch how he goes above and beyond to take care of Philadelphia’s youth.

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What's going on, everybody?

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I'm Jalen Hurts.

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I'm here in the city of Philadelphia, ready to make some kids smile,

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change some lives, make a difference.

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So let's go.

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I just want to say thank you to Truist for helping me.

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Giving me a helping hand and changing this community,

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trying to make a difference in this community,

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and giving back to this wonderful city of Philadelphia.

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Thank you.

Inspiring HOPE

We’ve partnered with Operation HOPE on a series of collaborative—and transformative—programs, like their 1 Million Black Businesses Initiative. That also includes bringing Operation HOPE financial coaches into our branches to help clients and community members reach financial goals of all kinds. On each day of care, our NFL friends stopped by a branch to learn about what these programs are accomplishing and to reward a financial coach for their dedication to their communities.

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00:00:05:17 - 00:00:16:00
We're here at Operation Hope in Atlanta to surprise Coach Yajaira today.

00:00:18:14 - 00:00:44:04
She's been doing such great work around the Atlanta community, and we want to surprise her with some goodies. She's also a big Falcons fan, so we'll give her some VIP tickets to a game later this season. Let's go. Coach Yajaira? How are you doing? That's me. Nice to meet you. I'm Younghoe Koo, Kicker for the Atlanta Falcons. I know who you are. You're doing such amazing things around the community, so we just wanted to recognize that and just come.

00:00:44:04 - 00:00:58:14
Surprise you and celebrate you. Yes. We wanted to give you a little gift of goodies. Thank you. I heard you're a huge Falcons fan. I'm a huge Falcons fan. Oh, thank you so much. Oh, this is awesome.

00:01:00:17 - 00:01:24:04
Jalen Waddle here from the Miami Dolphins, we're about to surprise my main man MacKenzy with some VIP tickets to the game. He's gonna come kick it with us and see how we rock out on game day. Hey, what's happenin? How you doing? How you doing? I'm doing good. I'm Jalen, nice to meet you, man. I heard you are the man around here.

00:01:24:04 - 00:01:38:05
You do a lot of great things. We wanted to give you a little bit. You'd be doing a lot of, you know, caring and gifting for others. So you're going to have to come kick it with us VIP for the Dolphins game this year. So we're going to get you right. You're going to come see how we do everything. And we rock out on game day.

00:01:38:05 - 00:01:52:22
So it's going to be exciting. It's one thing that I do it, but to actually have somebody like yourself because you know, you come in here and do it when there's a million other things you could have done, and you take your time to do it and let people know what we're doing in the community it's appreciated.

00:01:53:09 - 00:02:19:02
No problem at all man. I love it. All right. So we just left the Truist branch Operation Hope from Harold learned a little about his journey, a little bit about his work in the community with financial literacy and just overall physical wellness. We're at Truist in Philadelphia. We're about to go surprise Allison, she's an Operation Hope Coach.

00:02:20:01 - 00:02:50:00
She's doing really big things in the community. Teaching our community about financial literacy. We're going to go surprise her, give her some tickets to the game, show her some appreciation for what she's doing. I know a package. Allison? First, I want to say thank you, for everything you're doing for Operation Hope. Oh, my God. And everything you're doing in the city, for you to be doing that in this community, I admire it.

00:02:50:01 - 00:03:08:01
So to be thanked was really, really was really wonderful. I know he's a busy guy and to to take time out of his day to do that was really was really lovely.

A win for care.

One lucky Truist and Visa client won a day of care for her hometown. The result? A sweet collaboration between former NFL player Thomas Davis and a bakery in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. And—of course—a whole lot of care.

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Thomas Davis (00:00):

What's up everybody? I'm Thomas Davis and I've partnered with Truist and Visa for a day of care here in North Carolina. Earlier this year, a Truist card holder from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, won a trip to Super Bowl LVII courtesy of Visa, and today we're continuing to support the very same community by serving up some local pastries and desserts to the first responders of the city.

Katie (00:23):

Hey, Thomas.

Thomas Davis (00:24):

How you doing, Miss Kate? Nice to meet you.

Katie (00:26):

Doing well, welcome to Stick Boy. This is Blake Massengill. He's the mayor here.

Thomas Davis (00:28):

Blake, how you doing? Nice to meet you.

Blake Massengill (00:30):

Hey, welcome to Fuquay-Varina. I have with me Randy from Truist.

Katie (00:33):

Hey, Randy, nice to see you.

Randy (00:33):

Hey, Katie. Good to see you,

Thomas Davis (00:34):

And we're excited to be here to add some love and caring to this community. You guys have a very nice bakery. I have very big hands and I'm ready to get them doughy.

Katie (00:42):

Awesome. That's great to hear. We make everything here from scratch and we could definitely use an extra set of hands today.

Thomas Davis (00:46):

Well, listen, please put me to work.

Katie (00:48):

Absolutely. Let's go ahead and get you a uniform.

Thomas Davis (00:50):

Let's go.

Randy (00:52):

We're working today with Stick Boy to celebrate our first responders. Our partnership with Visa and the NFL allows us to have a consistent goal to drive positive change for our clients, communities, and fans across the country.

Kate (01:05):

All right, Thomas, I'm going to have you take that cart right over there.

Thomas Davis (01:07):

All right.

Kate (01:08):

We're going to work on some scones.

Thomas Davis (01:09):


Kate (01:10):

Flour the table.

Thomas Davis (01:11):

Got to make sure that's done.

Kate (01:12):

Get that in there. Get a little of that going.

Thomas Davis (01:13):

Let's do it.

Kate (01:14):

Mm-hmm. Okay. So we're going to pat it down.

Thomas Davis (01:16):

Even it out?

Kate (01:16):

Even it out.

Blake Massengill (01:17):

Just scoop it and push the button.

Thomas Davis (01:20):

Nice scoop. Teamwork makes the dream work. Got the assembly line going. Nice little autograph on this.

Kate (01:28):

Any good cinnamon roll starts with lots of butter. Here you go, Mayor.

Blake Massengill (01:32):

Thank you, ma'am.

Kate (01:33):

All right. You're going to smear that butter.

Katie (01:34):

So grab two of those chocolate chip cookies.

Thomas Davis (01:36):

Two of these chocolate chip cookies, and they look amazing.

Katie (01:39):

And then one of the bacon cheddar.

Thomas Davis (01:41):

This is where the magic happens, huh?

Kate (01:42):

Yep. I don't want to flower you with compliments, but you did a pretty good job.

Thomas Davis (01:47):

I see. I see what you did.

Kate (01:48):

We're just going to roll that cinnamon right up in there.

Blake Massengill (01:52):

Thomas, isn't this what you used to do to the other team, roll right over them?

Thomas Davis (01:55):

All the time. All the time.

Kate (01:56):

Roll right over.

Thomas Davis (01:57):

Randy, you're moving a little slow over there. You okay?

Kate (01:59):

And we're going to tuck it up.

Thomas Davis (02:01):

All right. Now is the moment of the truth.

Kate (02:04):

Sure is.

Thomas Davis (02:09):

Look at these bad boys.

Kate (02:19):

Look at this. I mean, come on.

Thomas Davis (02:19):

I'm an official baker now, I feel like.

Kate (02:20):

Official. Chef kiss.

Thomas Davis (02:20):

It gets no better than this.

Kate (02:21):


Thomas Davis (02:21):


Katie (02:22):

And we'll put those right on top here. Perfect.

Thomas Davis (02:25):

Can I take this home with me?

Katie (02:27):

I think you should probably get at least one box. There you go.

Thomas Davis (02:33):

Order up. All right, team. Let's roll out.

Katie (02:38):

Not bad.

Great job.

Randy (02:42):

Truist is committed to bringing care to our communities and supporting small businesses. Partnerships like that allow us to have an impact and be part of the communities we serve.

Blake Massengill (02:50):

When you see the hands from Truist, you see a professional football player, the whole community has came together to support our police and fire.

Katie (02:57):

All of our first responders have done an excellent job of caring for us and we want to be able to support them and thank them.

Thomas Davis (03:02):

How you doing, Chief? Thomas Davis. Nice to meet you.

Brandon (03:04):

Nice to meet you.

Thomas Davis (03:05):

On behalf of myself and Truist, we'd like to thank you guys so much for all the hard work and dedication that you have put in to making this community a safer place. We thought, what better way to reward you guys than with a few hundred baked goods from the Stick Boy Bread Company?

Brandon (03:18):

Thank you. That means a lot.

Jim (03:19):

Yeah, sure does. Thank you so much.

Brandon (03:20):

Thank you, sir.

Thomas Davis (03:20):

Thank you.

Jim (03:21):

A pleasure.

Katie (03:22):

Having Truist connect with us and be able to partner with us today is amazing. It offers us the opportunity to go a little bit beyond what we would normally be able to and really show these first responders how much we care for them.