Operation HOPE

Knowledge is power. Sharing it is empowering.

Our shared vision with Operation HOPE—to improve financial well-being for the people we serve—is the foundation of our partnership. Together, we’ll be enhancing their 1 Million Black Businesses program, building a digital education platform, and bringing their financial consultation services to over 1,000 Truist branches to support entrepreneurs and minority-owned small businesses. 

Watch Jaylen Waddle and Kyle Pitts talk about how important supporting entrepreneurship and financial well-being is to them.

Jaylen Waddle

Miami Dolphins

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Jaylen Waddle: 

My name is Jaylen Waddle, Wide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins.  I grew up in Houston,Texas the Southwest part of Houston. My mom took care of me…me and my three older sisters. She's always on my mind when I go out there and compete. To me, care is always being there just being there when you really need somebody. Entrepreneurship was something that I seen at a young age. People just try to make money, especially at the football games I was going to. There was just people out there, you know, selling shirts,…um having like stands, selling drinks. Lifting up black and minority-owned businesses has always been important to me and when I found out about Operation HOPE, I was excited. Operation HOPE’s 1 million black businesses program provides tools and training to set small businesses and entrepreneurs on the path to success…people like this amazing guy Peterson Joseph. Peterson is an engineer and welder who emigrated from Haiti in 2010. Two years ago he went through Operation HOPE’s 1 million black business program. Now he builds machines to help you recycle plastic bottles in your own home. Oh, and he also builds go karts. Peterson is just one of the many small businesses receiving the care that so many out there need. We both know about blood, sweat, and hard work. We're here because of our drive and talent,  and we're here because people care. One moment of care can change a life for the better. 

VO: When you start with care, you get a different kind of bank. 

Kyle Pitts

Atlanta Falcons

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Kyle Pitts: 

I’m Kyle Pitts, and I play tight end for the Atlanta Falcons. Growing up in Roslyn, right outside of Philadelphia, is where I really learned about community because our community was so strong and we always stuck together and everyone taking care of each other. That's why it was important to me to be a good Financial role model. I always want to be that crutch to my close-knit family who may ever need something and know that I can take care of them.  The way I spend money is conservative. I know how lucky I am to be in the NFL, and I don't want to be another statistic. I actually never want to touch my game checks until I retire. When I heard about Truist’s partnership with Operation HOPE,  I thought this could really make a difference. I like Operation HOPE because of all the ways they’re making a difference in our communities from helping small businesses grow, to helping people plan their financial futures. With the HOPE Inside program, you can go into a Truist branch and find a financial coach that will help you build your credit and even manage your money. Operation Hope and Truist are caring for their communities in the way they change things.

VO: When you start with care, you get a different kind of bank.

Week of care

Care never takes a day off.

But sometimes it works even harder. For one week in December, Truist joined forces with the Dolphins and the Falcons to clean parks, feed local heroes, surprise school kids, and take care of the communities that support us so much.

Atlanta Falcons
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00:00:00:04 - 00:00:04:11

Today we are here because we have volunteers from the Atlanta Falcons

00:00:04:14 - 00:00:05:19 

and from Truist. 

00:00:05:19 - 00:00:09:08

And we are going to do a number of different projects in the park

00:00:09:17 - 00:00:13:06

that we could not do if it weren't for you. 

00:00:16:17 - 00:00:19:09

We are here helping to renovate Pittman Park.

00:00:19:18 - 00:00:23:17

Everyone is having a good time myself and few people here from the Falcons,

00:00:23:17 - 00:00:24:17

and our buddies over at Truist. 

00:00:25:06 - 00:00:27:22

And we just try to make things better. 

00:00:30:06 - 00:00:36:03

Nice to meet you.

00:00:36:03 - 00:00:39:05

I heard you was getting some good

00:00:39:05 - 00:00:40:02

Falcons gear. 

00:00:43:18 - 00:00:46:05

What's going on, what's going on, folks? 

00:00:54:20 - 00:00:55:22

What's happening behind me 

00:00:55:22 - 00:00:59:14

is that we got a group of volunteers, teammates and we're packing up

00:01:00:07 - 00:01:02:18

non perishable food for our family,

00:01:02:18 - 00:01:05:06

local families and senior citizens in the community.

00:01:06:06 - 00:01:08:16

I've been blessed to play in the National Football

00:01:08:16 - 00:01:11:23

League for ten years, and I just feel as though,

00:01:11:23 - 00:01:15:05

you know, when you've been blessed, you're required to do more for others.

00:01:15:18 - 00:01:19:01

We're here at Scottish Rite Hospital, and where these people

00:01:19:01 - 00:01:22:07

are just pretty much putting their lives on the line during this pandemic.

00:01:22:07 - 00:01:24:10

Somebody's got to let them know that we care about them.

00:01:24:10 - 00:01:29:01

If we can make their bellies full that make them happy, we're all happy.

00:01:32:11 - 00:01:35:09

From the children's point of view, it was awesome.

00:01:35:16 - 00:01:38:10

They were very excited, engaged,

00:01:38:15 - 00:01:40:22

and it was about the whole experience.

00:01:47:03 - 00:01:50:15

We are the recipient of a 10,000 dollar

00:01:50:22 - 00:01:54:11

award to the school,

 so this was a wonderful day.


Miami Dolphins
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Tony Coley- 00:04 - 00:14

Hi, I’m Tony Coley, Regional President for Truist here in South Florida, and this week we're partnering with the Dolphins to support a different Community organization every single day. This week is going to be fantastic. Let’s Go!

Jaylen Waddle - 00:16 - 00:28

Hey I’m Jaylen Waddle here with Operation HOPE. We doing the holiday shopping spree for the Rodriguez family. Let's get it! 

(Motioning to Toys) Oh straight to the Barbies. That’s nice. You sure that’s the one you want?

Ms. Rodriguez - 00:28 - 00:34

Do you want to go pick a Christmas Tree? I think people forget that there's a lot of moms out there who do it by themselves. 

Jaylen Waddle - 00:35 - 00:42

Well, I'm happy I can help. Man, No problem at all. You know I came here with Operation HOPE, made a family very happy. Uh I think they’re going to have a very Merry Christmas.

Dolphins Voice - 00:44 - 00:45

All right there we go. On the whistle. Set (whistle blows)

Jerome Baker - 00:48 - 1:06

Today, we’re at Robert Renick Education Center and today we're just playing football with the kids. We’re having fun and we just learning the game we all love, which is football. Just to see their smile, see how happy they are. Giving back is definitely close to my heart and it is definitely just one thing I just love to do.

James Gavrilos - 01:08 - 01:14

We’re here in the Dolphins locker room configuring wi-fi extenders which are then going to go out to the families of Palm Beach County that need access to the internet. 

Giancarlo Zuniga - 01:18 - 01:22

I think it’s a huge benefit that everybody that needs wifi in the community is able to get it.

AJ Scott - 01:24 - 01:33

Today we are receiving a generous donation from the Miami Dolphins. As a football coach, I feel great to receive this donation. The kids really, really needed this community

Eric Wright Jr. - 01:26 - 01:47

It's Friday. We’re here with the Miami Dolphins and Truist, giving out free slushies and prizes to our youth participants in our after-school program with Miami-Dade County and Boys & Girls Club of Miami.

Tony Coley- 01:48 - 01:59

It’s been a great week for Truist. The Dolphins were super engaged. They’ve been a great partner and I think the community organizations really appreciated our support. It’s been a fantastic week. 

Teammates. All year long.

Our partnership with the Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins is a true commitment. We’ve been—and will continue—caring for our communities together for years.