Truist Ventures Investment in Diverse Founders

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[Vanessa Vreeland] As a Ventures team we’re focused on companies that are Series A and later stage. And what Garnet and William are able to do for us at Aperture is find companies at their very earliest stages. And really coach and foster relationships with the entrepreneurs who might not otherwise have access. They’re really in my opinion developing the future pipeline for Truist Ventures and they’re doing such a fantastic job of it.

[Voiceover] Aperture Venture Capital offers diverse founders access to multi-stage investment capital to obtain IPO or acquisition.

[William Crowder] So the benefits of investing in a diverse led fund is that this is really the most efficient and effective way of investing in diversity. With the Aperture model, we try to bring the best of our start-ups to these corporations in terms of their innovation and creativity. And for those corporations what we do is bring you closer to those startups. And we create opportunities for you to ideally level the playing field for these founders by providing them with more than just the capital, but access to your capabilities and those are all game changers. And those types of resources and access are critical to their success.