Our purpose is to inspire and build better lives and communities.

This is our why. Our reason for being. It guides us, motivates us, and influences everything we do.

At Truist, being a purpose-led organization means striving for better. Doing the right thing for our clients. And taking the lead and encouraging others to live their purpose.


Our mission defines what we do. It focuses us to provide distinctive experiences, create inclusive and energizing opportunities, and embrace safe and sound practices for our clients, teammates, and stakeholders.

For clients

Provide distinctive, secure, and successful client experiences through touch and technology. 

For teammates

Create an inclusive and energizing environment that empowers teammates to learn, grow, and have meaningful careers. 

For stakeholders

Optimize long-term value for stakeholders through safe, sound, and ethical practices. 


Our values are how we inspire and build better lives and communities every day.

By bringing our values to life through intentional behaviors, we create a ripple effect that delivers on our mission for clients, teammates, and stakeholders.


We serve with integrity.


Everyone and every moment matters.

One Team

Together, we can accomplish anything.


When our clients win, we all win.


Positive energy changes lives.

William H. Rogers Jr.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The power of personal purpose

Purpose runs deep at Truist. As part of our enterprise-wide purpose of inspiring and building better lives and communities, we encourage every teammate to find and cultivate their personal purpose as well. Creating and acting on our personal purpose helps each of us find meaning in our work, which can make us more engaged and better equipped to serve our communities.

Here’s a look at several Truist teammates who shared how they’re living out their own purpose in ways both profound and inspiring.

Sriram’s personal purpose

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That's my great grandmother. She told me the very first story I heard. I lost my dad when I was three. I went to school, came back crying that I did not have a father. She told me that there are great personalities who don't have fathers and told me a story about a very inspirational woman. Life was pretty basic growing up in India.

00:00:27:10 - 00:00:44:05

I was raised by my great grandparents first and then my grandparents. My grandparents would tell stories as a way of connecting with us and showing us that they cared enough to make our lives just a little better every day.

00:00:44:07 - 00:01:09:14

My whole professional life is about making complex connections a little simpler and easier for people. The technological connections I helped bring to Truist enable us to further our connection with our teammates, our clients, and our communities. But they do more than that. They actually help tell us our story. Well, I've always loved my work. I always had this feeling like there was something more that I was meant to do.

00:01:09:20 - 00:01:18:13

It was then that I began to see my personal purpose.

00:01:18:15 - 00:01:39:23

The king was murdered and thought to himself. My children will grow up one day. Oh, King. It takes a minimum of 12 years to learn grammar alone. When your life story connects almost effortlessly with your present day life at work, at home, and in your community in a way that shows care and makes the world just a little better.

00:01:40:00 - 00:02:02:07

That, to me, is finding your personal purpose. Every time you tell a story to a child, the eyes light up. Are into the characters. They imbibe lessons from it automatically. I'm also living Truist's purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities, and I can't help but smile when I imagine the impact my stories will have on my kids.

00:02:02:09 - 00:02:18:08

Just like the impact my grandparents had on me. To me, that's what it's all about. Making lives better by caring. My name is Sriram Raghavan, and I'm a Truist teammate and I'm living on purpose.

Lindsay’s personal purpose

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Education was a really big part of my childhood. My mom focused on education, and I think that she got that from my grandmother. She was an educator in the school systems in North Carolina and had to educate students and in particular brown students when access to education was limited. The two constants in life are change and choice, and I have a passion for finding the possibilities.

00:00:32:17 - 00:00:55:15

My mom raised me on her own, which came with a lot of joy, but also a lot of challenge. The week before I was planning to leave to go to college, we received a call that we needed an additional $5,000 in order for the tuition to be paid to money. We didn't have a school. That wasn't my first choice, stepped in.

00:00:55:20 - 00:01:19:07

I went on campus and decided to make the most of my four years there. When I look back over the four years, I had an opportunity to lead teams to start organizations that would help women of color on this campus. And it's so rewarding to think that all of those things came from embracing something that didn't go my way.

00:01:19:09 - 00:01:45:03

Life wasn't without its challenges from there, though. After college, I met my husband Andre. He was larger than life to me and to so many others. We married, had two young boys, and we're so very happy. We thought we would spend the rest of our lives raising them together. That night we went to sleep and he woke me up and he said, Babe, you need to call an ambulance.

00:01:45:05 - 00:02:10:10

And Andre was having a heart attack and then I remember when he actually passed and I remember going into the room and the moment of just having to remember to get it together, because I had two boys that I had to go home to that went to sleep with their daddy and would wake up and he wouldn't be there.

00:02:10:12 - 00:02:37:00

I choose to move forward as a single mom, raising our two sons and teaching them to face life's challenges and find the possibilities. At Truist, I get to live out my purpose by helping others see the options available for growth that may never been known. My role enables me to work with others, to inspire them to seek out opportunities, believe in themselves, and open doors that may have previously been closed.

00:02:37:02 - 00:02:47:09

My name is Lindsey Joyner. I'm a Truist teammate and I'm living on purpose.

Steve’s personal purpose

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Not every kid gets a picture perfect childhood. Look at it in my life. From the outside. You might have thought I did. I grew up in a small East Texas town on a dirt road surrounded by 1000 acres of pine trees. Life was pretty simple then. My parents did their best, raising three kids on a single income. But sometimes you don't realize that maybe what you experienced wasn't normal.

00:00:25:19 - 00:00:48:17

I am a survivor of abuse as a child and and it takes a lot of work to discover that it truly was not your fault. And what this river taught me really a lot about life is is that you can't do anything about what's happened in the past. And I couldn't control the future, but I could do something about the moment that I'm in.

00:00:48:18 - 00:01:09:20

It took years of therapy to work out what happened to me, and then none of it was easy. One day I visited a large in Idaho and I didn't really realize how much it would change me and how I would give others the opportunity to turn their hurt into healing.

00:01:09:22 - 00:01:32:06

Every summer on river time, host kids who are survivors of trauma with a physical abuse, sexual abuse, very emotional abuse. A lot of them are apprehensive about even being here. So many of them tell me at the end of the trip that they didn't want to be here. But now they don't want to leave.

00:01:32:08 - 00:02:09:07

They find out that on this river doing something that they may have never done before, they can be successful. It's important that McGriff and Truist support all the operations of our clients. But when they come off that boat, they say that they caught a big brown trout. The smiles tell it all. No one's ever left this place without feeling they've gained something about themselves, about possibly coming to terms with things in their past and really optimistic and hopeful for the future.

00:02:09:09 - 00:02:36:02

If there's one thing I've learned from working at Truist Insurance Holdings and McGriff is how important it is to build a firm foundation of trust. I want everyone to know that someone cares for you. And no matter what has happened in the past or what lies ahead, they're not alone. That's how I live out my purpose. My name is Steve Davis and I'm a Truist teammate and I'm living on purpose.

Learn more about how we care about our clients, teammates and community.

Purposeful work

When our individual purpose feeds into and augments our shared purpose, almost anything is possible. Every teammate and team have the potential and the power to make crucial contributions to the lives of our clients and the health of our communities.

Here are some more teammates who exemplify the power of purpose.

What our teammates are saying

Our Truist teammates encompass a wide and diverse array of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions. And we all unite around our purpose, mission, and values, each of us bringing them to life in our own unique way.

Desireé Partin

“When we say everyone and every moment matters - we mean it. Working alongside teammates who share our care out loud makes my day, every day!”

Keith Thornton

"One team. That really resonates with me. We're trying to get to the same place. We're trying to achieve the same goal."

Charlene McNeil

"Feeling part of a team, feeling valued, respected, connected, engaged. That's the environment at Truist."

Find your place—and your purpose—with us.

We’re looking for people who are looking for more than just a job. Truist attracts thinkers and doers who want to contribute to a workplace where we all come together to build better lives and communities though financial well-being. Where we innovate on behalf of our clients. And where we show that care belongs in banking.

And if you happen to like purple, all the better. Sound like you?

Learn more about our culture

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