Who are today’s first-time homebuyers?

Learn who today’s first-time buyers are and what steps they’re taking to find the right homes for their budgets.

A snapshot of first-time homebuyers

From 2019-2020, first-time homebuyers—including millennials—were responsible for 31% of all home purchases.1

For buyers 39 and under:8

10 years

Average time planned to stay in a home


bought a detached single-family home


Average down payment for first-time buyers in 2019.9

How long is it taking millennials to save?

Millennial homeowners take an average of 3 years to save for their down payment.10 Still, this group is much more likely than other generations to ask family members for help funding their down payment.11

Your homebuying journey will be unique to your situation and needs. By creating a plan that works for you, it's possible to confidently reach your homeownership goals.

Make your homeownership dreams a reality

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