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Transfer a Credit Card Balance

(Visual Description: Truist title and logo appear.

Animation of a woman riding a bicycle up a mountain and into a storm. Lightning flashes and thunder crashes.)

Take control. 

Say goodbye to higher interest rates with a balanced transfer.

You can consolidate higher rate non Truist debt and save money on interest in just a few steps.

(Visual Description: Truist mobile app is shown on a smart phone. The Accounts & Cards section lists a checking account, a savings account, and a Visa account. An animation shows tapping on the Visa account.) 

It's easy. Simply sign into the mobile app or online banking go to your Truist credit card account details, select the More menu and choose transfer balance. 

Select amount to transfer. 

Enter your desired transfer amount plus account information details and select Continue. 

Review your request and submit transfer. 

Keep in mind a balance transfer fee is charged for each transfer and there is a $100 minimum balance transfer amount. 

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That's it. Now you're on the right path. 

You can also transfer your balance in person at a Truist branch or by calling 844-4Truist

(Visual Description: 1 (844) 487-8478) 

Once approved your balance will transfer to your Truist card within 30 days. 

What are you waiting for? Kick it into high gear and transfer your balance today. 

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Truist title and logo appear.  )

Disclosure: Truist Bank. FDIC Copyright 2021 Truist Bank Corporation. Truist, the Truist logo, and Truist Purple are service marks of the Truist Financial Corporation. 

We will not process a Balance Transfer unless you have sufficient available credit on the account to cover the full requested transfer amount plus any associated fee(s). Balance Transfers cannot be used to pay on any Truist loan (including credit cards.) Your Balance Transfer request will be held for at least ten days after the account is opened. Keep in mind that time will be vary for how long it takes for a Balance Transfer request to be credited to the designated account(s). Please continue to pay at least the minimum amount due on the designated account until the balance transfer amount appears on the billing statement from that creditor(s). It is your responsibility to pay any remaining balance on the designated account(s). 

Balance transfer video