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Speaker 1:
Good morning, everyone. It's so wonderful to see so many smiling faces, and I'm so excited to be
welcoming you here to the Boys & Girls Club to give back for a day of service. As I am sure some of you
have heard, we're painting. We're all painting.

Speaker 2:

I'm the co-CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County, and my job is to make sure that we provide
opportunities for our kids to be safe, productive, and at the end of the day to make sure we provide
hope and opportunity in our clubs.

Speaker 3:

This is home. This is where I attended when I was a club kid. This is where my wife attended. This is
where my two daughters also attended as club members. So, for me, it means a lot. It represents hope.
It represents possibility.

Speaker 4:
The role of a Truist community development manager is to give back to the community and use our
expertise that we do every day, and that is to provide financial literacy to the underserved community.
It's our teammates being engaged with a nonprofit organization, helping the underserved communities
that's out there, and it allows us to live our purpose here that we have at Truist, and that is to inspire
and build better lives and communities.

Speaker 2:
It's important for Truist and other partners that support us in our mission to further kids' ability to be
successful in life by rallying together because it really, truly does take a village. It's about partnering
together, collaborating so that we can provide opportunities for our young members, our team
members, so that they have a plan for their future, so that they are on track to graduate high school and
have a plan for their future, whether that's college or career. And so, having partners like Truist behind
us, supporting us, shows our staff, shows our kids that they love them and support them, and there's
hope, there's opportunity out there, and that anything is possible.

Speaker 1:
Truist has been such a wonderful partner for us this year. We're really excited to be kicking off all of our
service days from the care force side of things. Today, we've engaged over 30 Truist teammates in
serving the 250 students that come here to the Boys and Girls Club, working to beautify their teen
rooms and also provide some resources in terms of school supplies, STEAM, and snack pack kits.

Speaker 6:
Today I'm here with a group of incredible Truist volunteers who are doing purposeful work, leading
important financial education sessions to help give local students a more solid foundation for a lifetime
of financial success.

Speaker 7:
To see the kids grow, to see them learn in opportunities that we present to them so that they can leave
the club knowing who they are, what they want to do, and who they want to be.

Coming together for a day of service in South Florida


Truist Chairman & CEO Bill Rogers joined teammates for a day of service at the Boys & Girls Club.

In March, Truist Chairman & CEO Bill Rogers joined more than 30 teammates for a day of service at the Marti Huizenga Boys & Girls Club in Hollywood, Florida. The Truist team came together to refresh and reinvigorate the club space, deliver financial education curriculum to local children, and donate 250 packages of school supplies and 250 weekend snack packs to support the club’s needs. The local community that the Boys & Girls Club supports is impacted by food insecurity and needs assistance in many areas.

“Thank you to our Truist teammates for delivering on our purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities by equipping these students with the knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions, creating this beautiful club space for learning and play, and helping with other key needs. We were so inspired by the commitment and energy of these students who are our next generation of leaders. I look forward to continuing this impactful work throughout our communities,” Rogers said.

This volunteer event was made possible through the company’s sponsorship of City Year, a national nonprofit that brings young adults together for a year of community service. This year, Truist is sponsoring eight City Year sites to work collaboratively to meet community needs and build educational equity through volunteer events. Additionally, Truist is working with City Year’s Care Force division to create environments where students and young adults can thrive – such as the wonderful club space at this Boys & Girls Club.

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