Truist banners recycled into tote bags.

Upcycling banners into reusable tote bags

Environment and sustainability

The upcycled banners created more than 70,000 tote bags, travel kits, and pouches.

During the merger integration and rebranding of bank branches in 2021, Truist created thousands of banners that temporarily covered signs before the changeover.

Mendy McNeel, Truist’s Director of Facility Operations, worked with teammates at branches to collect the banners after new signs were installed and unveiled.

Truist sent the banners to Ecologic Designs, a company based in Colorado that upcycles and recycles durable materials to make custom promotional products.

Ecologic Designs turned Truist’s banners into:

  • 20,000 reusable tote bags
  • 25,000 travel kits
  • 27,000 small zipper pouches

Truist is using these bags to create community care kits, which typically include personal hygiene products, clothing, and other essential items for people in need.

The recycling project diverted 30 tons of banners from landfills, and allowed Truist to show care for local communities and the planet.

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