Natural disaster assistance & resources

Preparedness for now. Support in the aftermath.

Natural disasters can occur when we least expect them—and when we’re least prepared. If an event damages your home, or creates a financial hardship that impacts your ability to pay your mortgage, you won’t be alone. The Truist Mortgage team is here to help you navigate the road to recovery.

First, be prepared.

Knowing how to react quickly after an event can save you time—and potentially your property. The Mortgage Bankers Association offers great resources to help you plan for a natural disaster and make the right choices in the aftermath. It’s important reading for every homeowner.

Important steps for beginning recovery from a natural disaster.

1. Contact your insurance provider to file a claim for your damaged property.

2. If your insurance company issues a loss claim check, notify Truist Loss Claims at 866-528-1567.

3. Visit for additional info on insurance claim checks.

For additional questions, count on the support of the Truist Mortgage Servicing team. They can be reached at 800-634-7928.

Payment relief can be available when you need it.

If a natural disaster leaves you struggling to meet your mortgage agreement, you may be able to suspend your payments with a forbearance. This way, you won’t be charged penalties or late fees, and your account won’t be reported as delinquent to credit agencies during your forbearance.

Near the end of your forbearance plan, the Home Preservation Center will help you get back on track. To ask our Home Preservation Center questions, or to apply, just call 800-443-1032.

Additional resources for disaster relief and recovery