Protect your peace of mind with alerts and card controls.

Security starts with communication. Customize your account activity alerts, and we’ll let you know when you need to know.

Stay one step ahead of fraud with alerts.

Get notifications about important account activity, including:

  • Daily balance, low balance, or high balance.
  • User ID, password, or email address change.
  • Security changes.
  • Overdrawn account.
  • Changes to your statement delivery.

Set debit and credit card transaction alerts.

Transaction amount alert

Notifies you of any transaction above a designated amount.

International transaction alert

Notifies you of any international transactions.

Online or phone transaction alert

Notifies you when there is an online or phone transaction where the physical card is not present.

Follow these steps to set up your alerts:

  1. Sign in to online banking, tap the main menu, then Alerts; or, sign in to online banking, click on My Settings, then Alerts.
  2. Add and verify your mobile number.
  3. Set up your alerts and preferences and then Save.
  4. Savor the moment of accomplishment.
See full list of alert features.
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How can this solution help me? Banking optimized for mobile apps (iPhone and AndroidTM) Banking for text users (no smartphone required) Notifications when you need them most
Alert feature Check balances

User ID, password or email address change

Low/ high balance alert

Security question and answer change

Overdrawn account

Statement delivery method change
Check balances

View history

Locate nearest ATM/Branch
Balance alerts

Security alerts

Transaction alerts
For which type of accounts? Checking


Credit card




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Credit card

How do I get started? Download the mobile app for


Sign in to online banking, go to My Settings and click Text Banking to get started. Sign in to online banking, go to My Settings and click Alerts to get started.

Misplaced your card? Want to put a hold on spending?

Lock your credit or debit card instantly. Locking may prevent some credit card transactions by authorized users, but will not interrupt other debit card holders.

If you’re a primary or secondary cardholder, you can lock or unlock your card through online or mobile banking, or by calling us:

Choose when, where, and how your cards are used.

Customizable card controlsDisclosure 1 are available on all Truist debit cards and credit cards. See your cardholder agreement to identify your card’s issuer.

  • Choose transaction types – Prevent certain types of transactions, including digital wallet purchases, ATM transactions, online and phone purchases, and even international transactions.
  • Set single transaction limits and regions – Set the dollar amount that can be spent and where your card can be used.

How to access card controls:

  • From the mobile app: Tap Main Menu, and choose Card Controls.
  • In online banking: Look for the More tab, and select Card Controls; OR, go to Profile & Settings by clicking on your user name in the top right corner. Select Accounts & Cards, then Card Controls.