Gary Maddox

Gary O. Maddox
Direct Loan Originator, NMLSR # 97519

1001 Semmes Ave

Richmond, VA 23224

About me


Gary Maddox is a loan officer with Truist Mortgage, offering more than 20 years of mortgage industry experience helping clients make one of life’s most important financial decisions. Having closed over $1 billion in loans and licensed to originate loans in 40 states, he excels at working with out-of-state borrowers and has a full knowledge of the wide array of available products. His specialty is serving the mortgage financing needs of licensed medical physicians, dentists and residents through the doctor loan program. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” mortgage and Maddox has the expertise and commitment to exceptional service that helps him efficiently and effectively close loans. He works remotely, so his process starts with a phone consultation to learn about a client’s needs and goals. Next, he structures a recommendation customized to meet their financial needs and accomplish their objectives. His clients can expect prompt, personable, and professional service through all phases of the loan transaction. He’s developed efficient systems to assist borrowers in the current environment so that all correspondence can be effectively handled through phone, fax, and email—and always in a timely manner. 

Areas of Focus

  • Enjoy some of the best rates and terms for a low down payment mortgage designed for doctors and dentists.

    • Qualified physicians receive special privileges including lower rates and greater purchasing power, even if you have student loans.
    • Doctors can get up to 100% financing with no monthly mortgage insurance payments.
    • Borrowers will receive favorable repayment terms to help meet the financial reality of practicing medicine.


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