Truist Cares

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VO: Today in America we're waking up to a new reality.

Text on video:

  • On car window: Stay home, save lives
  • On movie marquee: Now Showing: We'll be socially distant for a while. Coming Soon: Better safe than sorry.
  • Sports Mascot holding sign: We Miss Y'all

VO: But every day there are new heroes who inspire us.

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  • Nurse holding sign: Stay Home For Us
  • Kid holding sign: When everything is uncertain, what's important becomes clear

VO: BB&T and SunTrust, together as Truist Financial, are here to help.

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  • On movie marquee: Stay Safe Stay Healthy Be Kind
  • On venue marquee: Take Care of each other
  • On ground: Stronger Together (But six feet apart)

VO: We call it Truist Cares.

VO: Because while we may be apart for now, we’ll get through this together.

VO: Find out how we’re helping at truist dot com slash truist cares

We’re committing $50 million total in financial relief to help our communities.

Inspired by you—helping others in need

Millions of Americans have come together in the fight against COVID-19. We’ve joined your efforts through Truist Cares.

On March 17, Truist Cares began with a mission to provide philanthropic support to our communities. We're distributing these funds to nonprofit organizations providing healthcare aid or helping others in need.

Help for Critical Healthcare Organizations

This funding is aiding response and recovery efforts and assisting in the purchase and delivery of much-needed medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • $1 million to the CDC Foundation
  • $1 million to Johns Hopkins Medicine

Helping Those Who Help Others

This funding is supporting community-based programs that provide basic needs to people during this difficult time:

  • $7 million to local United Way organizations
  • $1 million to LiftFund
  • $1 million to Natural Capital Investment Fund
  • $2 million to Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s COVID-19 Relief Fund
  • $5 million to Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • $1.5 million to Community Education Alliance

The remaining charitable funds are being given as grants to our community partners to expand, rebuild, restore, and create thriving communities in five key areas:

  • Truist Cares to Connect
  • Truist Cares for Seniors
  • Truist Cares for Small Businesses
  • Truist Cares for Youth
  • Truist Cares for the Workforce

Supporting you today for a stronger financial future

Multiple relief efforts have been launched to help our clients in these challenging times. Whether it’s keeping your business going or providing personal payment relief, our focus has been easing your burden. Here are a few of the ways we’ve been able to help our clients so far:

  • Over $10 million in credit card statement credits through our 5% cashback offer at grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Over $100 million in monthly mortgage payment relief for over 60,000 families
  • $12.6 billion in expected SBA Paycheck Protection Program funding, helping more than 74,000 clients protect over 1 million jobs

Caring for our team

Truist is providing additional support for teammates through paid time off, workplace flexibility, financial support, and family care benefits.

The additional support Truist teammates have received during the pandemic includes 10 days of paid time off for school closings or other family impacts, a special reimbursement for childcare for many teammates, an increase in existing emergency child and elder care benefits for all teammates, and 100% coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment.

In March, teammates making under $100,000 annually received a one-time pre-tax bonus of $1,200 to recognize their ongoing commitment to our clients and help alleviate some of the financial pressures caused by the pandemic. Additionally, our frontline employees have been receiving special pay since early April. This extra financial support for our teammates and their families has reached over $65 million.

Enhancing teammate generosity 

The Truist Foundation contributed $4 for every $1 that Truist teammates donated to the One Team Fund. The fund is a support system that provides short-term financial assistance to help employees recover during unexpected events, family emergencies or natural disasters. 100% of teammate donations go directly to helping their co-workers through personal challenges.

Text on video:

Truist Cares

To all who are helping right now, you have inspired us to do the same

For our communities who are coming together to persevere

Truist Cares

March 17: Truist Cares initiative launches to meet the immediate and long-term needs of our communities

$25 Million

Given 253 grants totaling $25 million for frontline needs including:

  • $1 million each to the CDC Foundation and Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • $7 million to local United Way organizations
  • $1 million each to LiftFund and Natural Capital Investment Fund, community development financial institutions
  • $2 Million to Boys & Girls Clubs of America's COVID-19 Relief Fund

For our clients whose lives have been turned upside down

Provided payment relief assistance including forbearance, deferrals, extensions and re-aging (together with other modification strategies)

  • $300k plus accommodations for consumer clients
  • $16kk  plus accommodations  for wholesale clients

$10 billion in SBA PPP funding helping 32,000 companies protect over one million jobs

$100 million in COVID-19 Emergency Relief loans being processed for over 2,300 clients

Over $100 million in monthly mortgage payment relief helping over 60,000 families

Our five percent cash back offer on grocery and pharmacy purchases has heled credit card clients collectively earn $10.3 million in statement credits

$8.1 million in waived ATM fees and surcharge refunds for retail and small business debit clients

More than 1 million unique visitors to COVID-19 page

For our teammates who are living our purpose each day

66.6 million

Paid $53.8 million in COVID-19 related bonuses and $12.8 million (through April 19) in onsite special page totaling $66.6 million

No cost telehealth and 100% coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment

$6 million in reimbursement for childcare expenses

10 additional days of paid time off for school closings or other child or elder care impacts

Special reimbursement for childcare and increase in emergency child and elder care benefits

While we may be apart for now, we'll get through this together


Inspiring and building better lives and communities

truist dot com slash truist cares

Self-Care for Healers

The Self-Care for Healers podcast is designed for healthcare leaders on the front lines of COVID-19 and other medical crises.

Each 5–7 minute episode was developed by experts in neuropsychology, psychology, human resources, and education, and provides actionable insights that healthcare professionals can apply to their everyday lives.

Remote Learning for Students

In response to widespread school closures, Truist's strategic partner EVERFI opened up their full K-12 learning library to students nationwide for a limited time.

This includes Truist Financial Foundations, a high school-level financial education program, and WORD Force, a game-based literacy adventure for K-12 students.


About Truist Cares: Truist Cares is a cooperative effort between Truist Financial Corporation, Truist Foundation, Inc., and Truist Charitable Fund to provide communities, organizations and individuals disaster relief and assistance during the COVID-19 crisis.