Truist Cares

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VO: Today in America we're waking up to a new reality.

VO: But every day there are new heroes who inspire us.

VO: BB&T and SunTrust, together as Truist Financial, are here to help.

VO: We call it Truist Cares.

VO: Because while we may be apart for now, we’ll get through this together.

VO: Find out how we’re helping at truist dot com slash truist cares

We’re committing $25 million in financial relief to help our communities.

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Help is on the way

To meet the immediate and long-term needs of our communities, we've launched the Truist Cares initiative.

A pledge of $25 million in philanthropic support will provide aid for basic needs, medical supplies, and financial hardship across the nation.

Immediate Help for Critical Healthcare Organizations - Truist will immediately donate $1 million to the CDC Foundation and Johns Hopkins Medicine through the Truist Charitable Fund. This funding will aid in response and recovery efforts and assist in the purchase and delivery of much-needed medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Those Who Help Others - The Truist Foundation will donate $3 million to local United Way organizations to fund community-based programs and support services that provide basic needs to people during this difficult time.


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Rebuilding our communities – together

The remaining charitable funds will be given as grants to Truist’s community partners to support and expand technology initiatives and programs for youth, seniors, small businesses and people to rebuild, restore and create thriving communities. The programs will target support in five key areas:

Truist Cares to Connect

This may include partnering with organizations that help provide broadband services to communities in need or providing technology devices for students to learn at home.

Truist Cares for Seniors

This may include partnering with organizations that provide food services and medical supplies to the elderly.

Truist Cares for Small Businesses

This may include partnering with organizations that provide financial support and/or technical assistance to small businesses that are disrupted.

Truist Cares for Youth

This may include partnering with food banks to ensure low-income students have access to food or scholarships to the children of individuals with income disruption.

Truist Cares for the Workforce

This includes a grant of $250,000 to the Atlanta Braves' Relief Fund to support the needs of hourly workers at Truist Park, CoolToday Park and each of the Minor League Baseball facilities operated by the Braves in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonprofits in need of support for programs that meet the Truist Cares areas of focus can apply on the Truist Foundation website. When completing the application, choose “COVID-19 Response” under “Program Area.”

Questions? Please email:

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Caring for our team

Truist is offering additional support for teammates through paid time off, flexibility and family care benefits.

The new benefits include 10 days of paid time off for school closings or other family impacts, a special reimbursement for childcare for many teammates and an increase in existing emergency child and elder care benefits for all teammates. Additionally, teammates making under $100,000 annually will receive a one-time pre-tax bonus of $1,200 in March to recognize their ongoing commitment to our clients and help alleviate some of the financial pressures caused by the pandemic.

Matching donations

The Truist Foundation will also contribute $4 for every $1 that Truist teammates donate to the One Team Fund. The fund is a support system that provides short-term financial assistance to help employees recover during unexpected events, family emergencies or natural disasters. One hundred percent of teammate donations go directly to helping their co-workers through personal challenges.