Jaylen's day of care.

Watch out, Florida! Jaylen Waddle’s enthusiasm and care can’t be contained. Check out how he tackled his day of care in Miami. 

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Jaylen Waddle hear from the Miami Dolphins. I'm excited. Gonna be an eventful day. It's always a blessing to be a blessing. And that's hopefully we're going to get to share today I partnered with Truist to go Beyond the Field and take care of my Miami community. How you doing, Jaylen? Nice to meet you. Welcome. Yes, sir. Who's ready to get ready to work?

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All right. All right. So we use these for anybody that comes by for a courtesy call. So somebody comes in and says, I need food. Hungry? Give him one of these bags. Purse. Yep. Remove them. I crave it.

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So we know what you've been doing. You know a lot of great things around telling me the truth. But I like to give you, you know, $10,000. Oh, wow. Just to show our appreciation and just to, you know, spread some love. So really appreciate everything you do. It's much fun. How you doing? Thanks for having me. We're going to be blessing the community with some of these items that you're bringing.

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We're hoping to bless over 2000 people. It's amazing. Our donation is such a blessing. It really, really will be a blessing to many that could have gone hungry. So thank you so much. So much. Have it here at the fire station by the meek. Have a meal? Yes, some fire drills. Meet some firefighters, real heroes in our community.

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We're going to give you a tour of our facility. What we do as firefighters day in, day out. Yeah. And hopefully you're doing good. That's the real work technique runs in every profession. And now you get an opportunity to see what it is that we do and get a perspective for what we do. And we appreciate you for being here.

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Part of the family. But any time you want to come, we are here for you. Yes, sir. I appreciate it very much. You did so much when I surprised my main man, McKenzie, Jersey helmet. So, you know, one of the card tickets to the Miami Dolphins game was happening. Man, I heard you are the man around here. You do a lot of great things, but we're doing the best we can here.

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That operational Miami finance and business coach. So at about two years ago, we launch our 1 million like business. So the goal is to actually create 10 million with a 10 million business enterprise. And the next decade you'd be doing a lot of, you know, caring and get to 40. So we wanted to give you a little bit.

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You're going to have the come with a VIP $4 million games this year. So we're going to get you right. You're going to come see how we do everything and right out on game day. So it's going to be exciting. Okay, so we better surprise some kids. It wasn't football gear. We also had to feed them. Troy's barbecue had to had a fake out.

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They got paid for it. I'm giving my car to. They can now bring daddy. Oh you pay for it alone long for day. You know, we shared a lot of great moments. It made a lot of people know what a great partnership with tourism. You know, all we could do is create care and love around the city and our community.

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And that's we did think, okay, I like it.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Jaylen suited up with Miami-Dade firefighters to get a first-hand look at the sacrifices they make for their communities every day—and to spark joy and fun in their grueling training.

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Here at the fire station bout to meet Captain Bill. There is some fire drill and firefighters, real heroes in that community. Check out, you know, what they do and how they get down here. Let's get. Listen, the plank of land is what we want to do. Yes, sir. I'm going to take you in there and I'm going to introduce you to some of the training chiefs in the training camp.

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Speaker 1

Okay. We're going to give you a tour for our facility. What we do as firefighters day in, day out.

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What we have going on today is a training conference for teaching students for our department and other departments how to become better firefighters. So we're going to walk over here where one of our roots are, and we're going to start with the basics laying into it.

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Once you open it up and open it up, now be forward. So get that hand behind you that heard it. Now you got control of it. This is it. This is the firefighter. Would you go inside of the truck on behalf of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Training Staff and Local 1403? We want to present this to you. Let's shake that.

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Speaker 1

MENDEZ Lovely right here. Just to name a few, you can kind of tighten it up. What you're. I feel a lot of what happened. Right. Here we go by halfway. You don't go right. And that would be no firefighters in my expertize. What do you think the difference from, you know, this what you went through today and that they're running routes?

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Speaker 1

I think it is totally different training. I did just nine day training for it. I think it was similar for like little techniques, matter technique runs in every profession. Exactly. Now you get an opportunity not to only run routes, but to see what it is that we do and get a perspective for what we do. And we appreciate you for being here.

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Speaker 1

But any time you want to come, we're here for you. Yes, sir. I appreciate that, so much.

Feeding South Florida

How fast can you change 100 lives for the better? Jaylen and Truist volunteers found out when they packed 100 emergency food kits for Feeding South Florida.

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Finna roll-up to the food bank, you know, pack some boxes. Um, no, some love around, so it's might be great, but to get to it. Hello, guys.

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Speaker 2

Welcome to Feeding South Florida. Ah, we are so happy to have you all here today. So who's ready to get ready to work? We have cereal, we have canned vegetables, we have peanut butter. What would you like to put in the box

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Oh, that's peanut butter.

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Speaker 2

Peanut butter. All right, all right. Somebody over here and ma'am.

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Speaker 1

They're packing the peanut butter in the boxes together. Try multi care. Not. How you doing? Nice to meet you. Welcome. Thanks for coming out and thanks for having me. Oh, of course.

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Speaker 3

Yeah. So. So you are virtual reality simulator. So a warehouse training program.

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For remember levels. Right and right is live in them, huh? It's like flying a plane. Flying a plane so they know how to fly a plane. This is a warehouse.

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Once folks are trained in virtual reality world, they come out here and they start using the equipment. Anything that you'll find at a grocery store we're going to have here, we bring in a lot of fresh produce. We want to make sure that we're providing healthy food for families. So this is these are the finished items. These are the things that are going out.

00:01:34:19 - 00:01:41:16

Speaker 3

I think you guys are building some of these or something similar to these. These are actually going to older adults are senior population. Okay. And Miami-Dade County.

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Speaker 1

MI insurers would like to give you enough $10,000. Oh, wow. Just to show our appreciation just to, you know, spread some love. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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Speaker 3

And your efforts on and off the field are felt in the community. So thank you so much for all you do and for coming out here and and sharing sharing your love with us and no problem.

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Speaker 1

I appreciate it. Appreciate you. It was a lot of caring that was going on. I feel like within the the volunteers and how they pack every box, like I said, they don't have to be out there doing that. And they seem like a little thing. But it's a major thing that, you know, the less fortunate.

Broward Outreach Center

Special delivery of care! Jaylen was at the wheel and on the ground delivering food and water to the Broward Outreach Center ahead of their busiest season.

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Five. Well done. Well done. So we're going to go ahead and unload here. But just to share a little bit about what we're going to be doing. Thank you so much for this wonderful donation. So on Thanksgiving Day, actually before Thanksgiving Day this Saturday, we're going to be blessing the community with some of these items that you're bringing.

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Speaker 1

And on Thanksgiving Day, we're hoping to bless over 2000 people, keep them on Thanksgiving Day. So this whole street here is going to be blocked. We're going to be cooking and feeding them. And everyone is just going to have a good time on Thanksgiving Day. And this will be also happening in our Miami campus. So it's amazing. Our donation is such a blessing.

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It really, really will be a blessing to many that could have gone hungry for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for. It's for. How you doing? I'm blessed. My favorite man. That's what it's all about. It's Christina. I know. Jamie. Nice to meet you. How you doing? The super Super Bowl. Somebody's got to step up. And, you know, I was housing a defensive end back in my day.

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Speaker 1

You look like you need to be when I'm with you, no matter what. I've been a my friend over four. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Awesome things. Yeah, yeah. I mean, you.

Avant Garde Academy

Gear up, eat up. Jaylen used his Truist Visa® card to buy lunch from Troy’s Barbeque—a local small business—for the students at the Avant Garde Academy. And once they were fueled up, Jaylen presented them with a whole lot of new gear to help them excel in their sports pursuits.

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Speaker 1

So we better surprise some kids with some football gear and wish him a blessed and highly favorite season. Not only did we give him some great football gear, we also have to feed them. Troy's barbecue had two. Matter of fact, I don't think I paid for it. Well, I'm getting my car to.

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Speaker 2

Throw Daddy, Daddy.

00:00:36:12 - 00:00:56:03

Speaker 3

Today has been a day of joy, partnering with Jalen around the community around South Florida. It is a testament of Truist and giving back to the community, partnering with someone like Jalen that has very similar similar goals. A fitting just to see the joys on and the kids faces has been instrumental to continuing the partnership.

00:00:56:06 - 00:01:07:21

Speaker 1

No, they're lonely people. They know what a great partnership with Truist, you know, are. We could do a spree of care and love around the city and our community. And as we did today, we've got legacy.

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