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Truist Enjoy Cash

Earn Unlimited Rewards Your Way.

Enjoy Cash lets you choose from two great cash back options when you apply—so you earn what fits your spending habits best.

Credit card offers

A great credit card may be waiting for you.

Cash back, travel rewards, or our lowest APR. You could find the credit card that fits just right in minutes.

Home equity lending

Turn your home’s equity into opportunity.

Remodel, invest, or take care of big expenses.


Truist One Checking

One simple choice.

With Truist One Checking you never have to wonder if you’re getting the most from your checking account.

Fraud and security

Make security a priority.

Get tips on protecting your accounts.

Knowledge + Care

An unstoppable pair

What happens when knowledge meets care?


Give and go with Zelle®.

Use Zelle® to send money to the people you celebrate right from your phone.Disclosure 4

Truist Enjoy Travel

For those connections you just can’t miss.

Bonus miles, no annual fee—the Enjoy Travel credit card helps take you where it matters most. 

Crystal clear—created with care.

Meet the Truist app.

Get super-fast access to your accounts and bright insights into your spending with our mobile app.

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You want to jump. We say, how high?

Reach big goals with the help of a lot of knowledge and even more care.

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The Catch: 30 Media Alternative Transcript

Visual description: Truist logo

Visual description: A coach and a student athlete are in a college gym.

Coach: We’re gonna try something new today.

Visual description: The coach drags in a ladder and uses chalk to draw a circle high on the wall. The athlete runs toward the wall, jumps, and can’t quite reach.

Music: higher…

Coach: That was close.

Coach: Now get the top of the circle!

Visual description: The athlete jumps again and still can’t reach. The athlete is tired.

Music: higher…

Coach: I need you to come from here.

Visual description: The coach encourages him, pointing to his own heart and then the athlete’s heart.

Music: higher…

Voice over: When you work with someone who knows a lot and cares even more…

Visual description: The athlete jumps again and almost reaches the circle.

Visual description: The coach caringly puts his hand on the athlete’s shoulder.

Coach: I believe in you. Make it happen.

Visual description: The coach looks the athlete in the eye and nods at him. We can tell the coach isn’t going to give up on him.

Voice over: … you’re unstoppable.

Music: ‘til I reach the highest ground.

Visual description: In slow-motion video, the athlete jumps toward the mark on the wall. We cut to the same athlete jumping in the exact same way, but he’s now a player at a professional baseball game catching a ball right before it goes over the fence, preventing a home run. The crowd goes wild. We zoom in to see the coach in the crowd. He’s emotional and proud of his student, and points at the student, like he did in training. The athlete catches his former coach’s eye and nods at the coach as he jogs back to the infield, acknowledging the coach’s unwavering support.

Visual description: We see a Truist teammate and a professional-looking client sitting across a desk from each other at a Truist branch. The teammate has a document with tables and graphs. The teammate nods at the client in the same way the athlete nodded at his coach.

Teammate: Let’s make it happen.

Visual description: The teammate circles a section of a document in the same way the coach drew a circle on the wall.

Voice over: At Truist, we believe the same is true for banking.

Music: Keep on learning.

Visual description: Truist logo

Onscreen text: Leaders in banking. Unwavering in care.

Onscreen text: Truist Bank, Member FDIC. © 2024 Truist Financial Corporation. Leading based on Truist ranking as a top 10 U.S. commercial bank as of 12/31/23.

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