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Enjoy Cash Rewards

(Visual Description: Sample of a Truist Enjoy Cash Credit Card is shown.)

Thanks for opening a Truist enjoy cash credit card account. It comes with so many benefits for you to enjoy. 

Starting now. 

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Activate your card in minutes with online banking or the app. 

(Visual Description: Example of the Home screen on the Truist app is shown. The Accounts & Cards section lists a checking account, a savings account, and a Visa account. An animation shows tapping on the Visa account.)

Just select your new account from your home screen.  

(Visual Description: The Visa account page is displayed. The Activate Card button is shown.

Tap Activate card and follow the steps. 

(Visual Description: A three-digit CVV code is entered in the Security Code text field.)

The Done button is selected.)

You can also scan the QR code that came with your card or just call the activation number on the front of your card. Then you're all set. 

Start using your card. Start earning cash back.  

(Visual Description: Example of the Enjoy Cash card is shown.)

Your enjoy cash credit card comes with one of two cash back earning options that you chose when you applied for your card. 

You'll earn either 3% cash back on gas, 2% on groceries and utilities, up to the $1,000 monthly spend limit in these categories and 1% on all other eligible purchases.

Or 1.5% cash back on all eligible purchases.  

(Visual Description: Checking  and bonus icons appear with Example: $30 cash rewards.)

Plus, if you have a Truist deposit account, you'll get a loyalty cash bonus when you redeem rewards into your Truist checking or savings account so you can get more of what you want. 

You can even save money on interest when you take advantage of the 12-month introductory rate offer on purchases available with your enjoy cash card. 

Want to transfer a higher rate balance to your card? It's easy.  

(Visual Description: Example of app is shown on a smartphone.)

Select the More menu from your account detail screen. Then transfer balance and enter the details. 

(Visual Description: The app returns to the home screen and taps on Card Controls. The Card Controls screen is shown with options for lock, damaged, and lost/stolen.)

You're in control with customizable card control features. 

(Visual Description: The Lock button is selected. A banner appears showing Success. Visa 4567 has been locked.) 

Lock and unlock your card to protect against unwanted transactions and control your spending with limits you set. 

(Visual Description: On the Card Controls screen, the Spending Limits button is selected.)

Sign up for alerts to get notified instantly about important account activities. 

(Visual Description: On the Card Controls screen, the More button is selected and then the Manage alerts section is highlighted. )

And of course, you can tap to pay with your card or load it to your digital wallet to make shopping faster and easier. 

Activate today and earn cash back your way.  

 (Visual Description: Truist title and logo appear in center of page.

Hashtag Enjoy Cash.) 

Disclosure: Truist Bank, Member FCIC copyright 2021 Truist Bank Corporation. Truist, the Truist logo and Truist Purple are service marks of Truist Financial Corporation. Refer to your Enjoy Cash card reward terms and conditions for more details.

Truist Enjoy Cash credit card account benefits