Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory: At a glance

Strategic advice

What it is and how it can help your business achieve more

Where are you in the business lifecycle? Why does the lifecycle of a business matter?

The business lifecycle is often expressed as four stages (early, growth, established, and transition), each with its own characteristics.

We’ve worked with clients at every stage to help them plan, pivot, and proceed to the next level successfully. And we draw on that legacy knowledge to deliver strategic advice through Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory.

Using this approach, we provide custom support and guidance to clients based on what stage of the business lifecycle they’re in.

Guidance to clients based on what stage of the business lifecycle they’re in
Stage Main focus
Early stage Creating a product and a market
Growth stage Fast expansion under able leadership
Established stage Finding efficiencies and optimizing market position
Transition stage Transforming the company through changes in ownership, leadership, or vision
“Once we know you well, we don’t really think of it as ‘What stage are you in?’ We think of it as ‘What do you, our unique client, need at this moment to set you up for future success?’”
David Weaver, Chief Commercial Community Banking Officer

Many businesses face similar challenges at each stage, which means they can benefit from lessons learned by other entrepreneurs and a partner like Truist at certain inflection points.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because every business is unique, we look at all the characteristics, challenges, opportunities, and solutions that are specific to you and your business.

That includes:

We also look at all the changes that can happen within and between stages. We know that when your business is changing stages, it tends to face increased challenges.

Your business can change from day to day, not just from stage to stage. So Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory is designed to foster the kinds of ongoing, candid conversations that enable us to help you confirm or pivot your plans at any point along the way.

How does Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory help your business?

Here are some insights from David Weaver, Chief Commercial Community Banking Officer, on how Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory can help you work toward the future you’re imagining.

It deepens your relationship with our experts.

Talking about your stage of the business lifecycle is a way to get the most out of your relationship with Truist and your progress toward the goals that are most important to you.

“It’s an extremely useful starting point for your early conversations,” says Weaver. “As we get to know you better, we really sharpen the approach to make it more personalized. Once we know you well, we don’t really think of it as ‘What stage are you in?’ We think of it as ‘What do you, our unique client, need at this moment to set you up for future success?’”

For this, we factor in our knowledge of the macroeconomic climate, your industry, your community, your company, you, your team, and any other issues that can impact informed decision-making.

It gives you a strategic road map.

After engaging in conversations with you and your team, our team will provide you with a business lifecycle blueprint called Truist Business Insights, which your relationship manager will review with you in depth. This analysis of your challenges, needs, and priorities serves as a strategic road map for your company.

It will include detailed, customized ideas and solutions for meeting your goals, along with an industry review and financial performance metrics. Plus, your relationship manager will follow up by bringing in the Truist partners who can help deliver on the options you want to move forward with.

It puts a dynamic team on your side.

We leverage the Truist enterprise to bring you the breadth and depth of our expertise and solutions to fulfill your evolving needs. Because your needs change over time—not just from stage to stage but from day to day and cycle to cycle—we bring you the right team at the right time.

That goes beyond making introductions or providing referrals to the partners and experts we know can help you. It means we bring the right team to your table, all working together and thinking of your business as a whole when you need it. And we proactively brainstorm solutions throughout our relationship with you and your company.

It reduces stress.

For many business owners and leaders, a great deal of brainpower and time are wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of their business. That can make it challenging to layer on other areas of planning.

You’re an expert in your company and your industry, and our approach allows you to play to those strengths while we support you with ours. For example, our team is equipped to advise you on strategic capital structure and transition strategies, as well as other complex capital needs, among other things.

“The better we know you, the faster we can help you tailor solutions that can set you up for the future you’re working for,” says Weaver.

“Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory means we know what’s next for you and what kind of patterns you might be following. It gives us guidance, but it’s not the bottom line. What we’re really doing here is providing strategic advice.”

What Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory is
Our commitment What that means How we prove it
We’re all in. Truist Business Lifecycle Advisory is a mindset. It’s how we deliver your client experience—today, tomorrow, across market cycles, and across the business lifecycle. We don’t just talk about our approach. We live it every day.
We’re focused on you. We’re focused on creating a long-term strategy that meets your needs—and will introduce you to Truist partners when they can help. We’re not focused on our needs, quotas, personal goals, or products.
We’re active listeners. We find out what you need and then deliver advice and a set of product-agnostic solutions we believe will help you most. We don’t just pitch our products and services.
We’re team builders. We bring the team you need to your table—when (or before) you need it. We don’t just make referrals or introductions and then leave you to figure out the next steps.
We’re long-term thinkers. We take a holistic view, understanding where you’ve been and where you are—and then help you get where you want to go. We don’t just look at one moment in time. It’s not about the next sale.
We’re proactive planners. We’re bringing proactive advice and solutions based on your business stage, industry, team needs, and other key factors. We’re not just waiting for the next transaction.

What business lifecycle advice can benefit you right now?

Contact your Truist relationship manager to find out how we can work together to find custom solutions to meet your evolving needs.