What sets us apart

Listening intently. Asking critical questions. And offering guidance in a way that’s transparent, proactive, and genuine. You’ll benefit from our:

Deep not-for-profit expertise

More than a century of success serving not-for-profits

Proactive collaboration

Exceptional service and essential tools that improve governance and performance

Tailored advisory and administrative solutions

Independent, conflict-free fiduciary investment advice in a disciplined and consistent manner

Foundations and endowments specialty practice

What sets our specialty practice apart? In addition to top-tier investment management services and world class administrative support, it’s our mindset. We don’t just work for not-for-profits—we work in not-for-profits.

Our customized approach is a big reason why our clients continue to choose Truist.

Who we serve

We’re a specialty practice dedicated to delivering insightful, strategic investment and administrative expertise to:

  • Private, independent and community foundations
  • Colleges and universities
  • K-12 independent schools
  • Human service agencies
  • Member and industry associations
  • Cultural institutions
  • Religious institutions
  • Healthcare institutions, senior centers and not-for-profit hospitals

Dedicated to amplifying your impact

We want to see your organization succeed. We’re here to support your goals—through long-term, sustainable growth strategies. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Invest with purpose.

The work you do every day demands a laser-sharp focus on achieving long-term, sustainable investment results. Your investment strategy deserves the same kind of focus. 

Consider these key questions:

  • What are your organization’s short- and long-term objectives? What role will the investment portfolio need to play in funding them?
  • How will your spending policy impact your investment portfolio?
  • What is your organization’s ability to tolerate market volatility?

Your responses will impact your portfolio’s goals, of course. But they’ll also provide some insight into your cash flow, liquidity, and capital needs.

Diverse asset managers: It’s a win-win.

Partner with one of our talented, proven, and traditionally underrepresented asset managers. We'll help you to better align your personal values with your investment strategy—with the overall goal of improving your portfolio returns.

Pillars of fundamental investing

What’s our investment philosophy? It’s grounded in an understanding of your goals and a strong fiduciary ethic. Overall, we’re looking to take advantage of near-term market inefficiencies while achieving long-term sustainable results. Our philosophy is built on four fundamental investing pillars:

The unique needs of each not-for-profit client should inform the investment decision-making process.

A specialty practice focused on mission-driven organizations can leverage valuable resources.

Discipline helps to resist emotionally driven decisions.

A process designed for perpetual pools of capital has a long-term focus.

Near- and intermediate-term tilts can add value to long-term strategic allocations.

Prudent, informed portfolio construction and manager selection can add value.

Both passive and active strategies have a role to play in a well-diversified portfolio.

Fees and expenses matter—spend them wisely.

Disciplined and thoughtful diversification can manage investment risk.

Excessive risk exposures can lead to reactive and counter-productive decisions.

Truist Foundations and endowments at-a-glance


Serving the not-for-profit community

billion +

Not-for profit assets under management


Average experience of our executive team working with not-for-profits

Get in touch with an expert.

We’ve got the expertise. Let us help you amplify your organization’s impact.

Stephen M. Yarbrough

Head of Institutional Investment Management
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Mike Hill

Regional Practice Leader – TN, KY, TX, NC, OH, FL
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Michael C. Sahakian

Regional Practice Leader – Greater Washington, DC, MD, NY, NJ, PA
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Armond R. Reese, CFA,® AIF, CAIA

Regional Practice Leader – GA, SC, AL
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Randy Canent

Regional Practice Leader – Midwest
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