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Kathleen Farrell

Head of Commercial Real Estate

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Kathy began her career with Truist at SunTrust in an equivalent role as the head of SunTrust Commercial Real Estate. Throughout her career, she’s held positions as the executive risk officer for our commercial real estate business, head of the REIT Banking Group, and the REIT senior credit officer.

Kathy has more than 25 years of real estate finance and banking experience, including origination, underwriting, capital markets, work-out strategies, and risk management.

She graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics.

Adam Oates

Head of National Real Estate and Truist Real Estate Capital

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Adam Oates is the head of National Real Estate at Truist. In this role, he’s responsible for delivery of our platform of products, services, and custom financial solutions to privately owned commercial real estate developers and investors nationwide. He has oversight of five regional offices located in Miami; Atlanta; Nashville; Charlotte; and Greater Washington, D.C., with additional offices located in Orlando, Tampa, Raleigh, Memphis, Boston, and Greensboro.

Adam’s career with Truist and its predecessor companies spans 18 years. Prior to assuming his current responsibilities, he was head of Corporate Real Estate, Aviation, and Security at SunTrust Bank. He’s served in several other capacities for the bank, including president of SunTrust Community Capital and as the head of OREO with the Special Assets Division.

Adam is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.

Keitt King

President of Community Capital

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Keitt King is president of Community Capital at Truist. He’s responsible for community-development-oriented lending and investing, primarily through the using the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and New Markets Tax Credit programs.

Keitt’s career with Truist began at SunTrust and spans more than 27 years. He held an equivalent role in SunTrust prior to Truist, which he assumed in 2018. Previously, Keitt served as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit team leader for 11 years, managing a group of relationship managers tasked with covering affordable housing developers and originating Low-Income Housing Tax Credit investments.

Keitt earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Kristopher M. Dickson

Head of Real Estate Corporate & Investment Banking

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Kris Dickson is the head of Real Estate Corporate & Investment Banking, a team who meets the capital and strategic advisory needs of our REIT, Real Estate Fund, and public homebuilder clients. This includes providing capital markets, merger & acquisition, bank financing, treasury management, and depository solutions. He’s based in Atlanta. Kris began his career with Truist by joining SunTrust in 2003.

Before SunTrust, Kris was an investment banker in Lehman Brothers’ New York office, where he was a member of the financial institutions group and advised clients on capital raising and merger & acquisition activities.

Kris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and mathematics at Millsaps College and received his Master of Business Administration from Duke University at its Fuqua School of Business.

Mary Scott

Head of Enablement and Transformation for CIG Commercial Real Estate

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Mary Scott is the head of enablement and transformation for CIG Commercial Real Estate.

Her career at Truist and its predecessors has spanned more than 22 years and included various roles in commercial lending, training and development, and project management.

Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and a Master of Business Administration in finance from Mississippi State University.

Cindy Colvin

Head of Credit Delivery

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Cindy Colvin is the Head of Credit Delivery for the Truist Commercial Real Estate line of business. She is responsible for the Underwriting and Portfolio Management activities within Commercial Real Estate including Private Developers, REITs, Affordable Housing as well as Low Income Housing Tax Credit and New Market Tax Originations.

Cindy has nearly 20 years of banking and real estate finance experience in both sales and underwriting capacities.  Prior to assuming her current responsibilities she was the Debt Team Leader for Truist Community Capital and held both sales and underwriting duties in real estate and commercial banking.  

Cindy graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and earned her MBA from the University Of Georgia Terry College Of Business.

Andy Holland

CRE Banking Team Lead Mid-South

Joseph (Joe) Pella

CRE Banking Team Lead Southeast

Rebecca (Becky) Cox

CRE Banking Team Lead Mid-Atlantic & Northeast

Eric Rosen

CRE Banking Debt Team Lead

Eleanor (Nora) Vlahoyiannis

CRE Banking LIHTC Direct Team Lead

Steven (Steve) Husarik

CRE Banking Asset Management Team Lead

Ryan Ammann

CRE Banking Funds & Alternative Investments Team Lead

Lindsey Houser

Capital Markets Corporate Banking Group Director (REIT Team Lead)

David (Dave) Wojdyla

Real Estate Advisory Team Lead (Investment Banking Managing Director)

Ward Ebbert

Institutional Private Capital (IPC) Team Lead