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Private owners and operators

Embark confidently on your next real estate project. Whether you’re building or investing in office, multifamily, retail, industrial, or hospitality, our team of market experts is here to deliver long-term guidance—as well as help you increase efficiency and value across your entire business.


  • Office, warehouse, retail, multifamily, and hospital property types
  • Competitive core offerings, including project level, senior secured acquisition, development, construction, and interim financing with competitive terms, pricing, and structures
  • Specialized expertise in value-add and opportunistic situations
  • Syndicated finance
  • Wide range of capital markets, interest rate risk management, cash management, and debt products. Learn more about corporate and investment banking industry coverage.


Institutional real estate

Looking for opportunities to add value to your institution through investment? We can walk you through equity—or debt. Public markets—or private. Pooled funds—or joint ventures. Whatever your goals, use our experience to successfully navigate the complexities of institutional real estate.


  • Project level, senior secured acquisition, development and interim loans with competitive pricing, terms, and structures
  • Permanent loans
  • Non-recourse and recourse loan structures
  • Preferred loan sizes of $20 million to greater than $100 million per opportunity for full underwriting
  • Syndication capabilities for loans more than $100 million. Learn more about capital and advisory solutions.
  • Secured and unsecured entity level credit, including revolvers, term loans, and subscription lines for single and multi-investor formats
  • Broad scope of interest rate risk management, cash management, and debt products
  • Third-party loan servicing
  • Agency capabilities

Multifamily capital

Affordable. Seniors. Manufactured. Whatever type of multifamily property you’re interested in, our experienced team of experts will provide options that fit your business—and the specialized knowledge you’re looking for.


  • Affordable housing
  • Seniors housing
  • Manufactured housing

Community capital

Do you share our passion for building better lives and communities? Our team specializes in financing the development and preservation of affordable housing and community development initiatives. We’ll help you maximize the use of subsidies and tax credit programs—and provide expertise and support as you grow. Let’s work together to positively impact our communities.


  • Tax credit equity – Low Income Housing Tax Credits and New Markets Tax Credits
  • Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Program – Truist Community Capital serves as an equity investor in SBIC funds. The SBIC Program uses a private equity structure to increase access to capital for small businesses in the United States.
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program (FHLB AHP) – Truist Community Capital can serve as the Member Bank supporting your AHP application to the FHLB.
  • Project-level, senior secured acquisition, construction, permanent, and interim bridge financing
  • Flexible terms, structures, and pricing
  • Equity and equity-like financing structures
  • An array of capital markets, insurance, interest rate risk management, cash flow, and financing products. Learn more  about corporate and investment banking industry coverage.


Real Estate Investment Trust banking

Achieve your business objectives—and maximize investor returns. Our team provides investment banking opportunities and traditional banking solutions, all to prepare you to efficiently manage your capital and liquidity.


  • Senior unsecured revolving credit facilities and term loans
  • Syndication capabilities. Learn more about capital and advisory solutions.
  • Project level financing
  • Tax exempt bond financing for multifamily properties
  • Broad capital markets capabilities
  • Interest rate risk management strategies
  • Cash management solutions
  • Public and private capital markets: equity, bonds, and private placement
  • Advisory and merger and acquisition solutions

Real estate advisory

Are you the owner or operator of institutional-quality real estate? Let’s unpack the vision you have for your business. Then, we’ll provide strategic capital solutions to help you execute that vision.


  • Joint ventures
  • Entity-level investments
  • Equity recapitalizations
  • Preferred equity investments
  • Strategic advisory


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