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[John C. Portman IV] Portman Holdings is a development investment and management firm that focuses on large-scale complex urban projects.

My name is John C. Portman the fourth, president of Portman Holdings.

My grandfather, our founder, our late chairman, John C. Portman Jr. founded the company as an architectural firm in 1953.

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to join the family business. My father, my grandfather, Ambrish, they were kind enough to say, "Well, why are you looking elsewhere? Why don't you consider coming here?"

[Ambrish Baisiwala] John was an invaluable partner to have in the company. That's why I was very keen that he come back and join the business.

My name is Ambrish Baisiwala, which is a real mouthful. And so most people just call me AB and I'm the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Portman Holdings. 

We spent a lot of time trying to build an organization that's a very flat organization and so it's a very small team. Everybody is empowered and very encouraged to kind of speak their views and thoughts and if they have a point of view then to kind of debate that. So ultimately my role is really is to first of all make sure that we have the best team possible.

So Portman basically, in partnership with Georgia Tech, developed an office building called Coda. And because of Coda, Anthem basically approached us and they said that they wanted to be inside that building, but we did not have enough space inside the building for them.

[John C. Portman IV] Phase two has been under construction for several months now, it's now starting to go vertical and come out of the ground, it will also be a modern-looking tower in the heart of Midtown.

And they've been great in the sense of underwriting the entire construction loan, which is not a small loan, and syndicating whatever they needed to syndicate, and freeing up additional capacity and room for Portman for other projects.

[Ambrish Baisiwala] If they commit to something, they've always delivered. And if something changes, they've always managed to figure out a solution that is satisfactory to them. And it solves our issues as well.

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Specialized solutions. Designed to help you meet your market, industry, project, and company needs. Our capabilities include: Acquisition & development loans, construction loans, mini-permanent and permanent loans, bridge financing, redevelopment and repositioning loans, lines of credit, and more.

Move projects forward. Get the capital you need from investments in tax credits solutions. We help developers deliver successful projects through customized financing solutions. And our flexible, pay-in schedules support a wide range of developments. This includes affordable multifamily housing, adaptive re-use projects, community centers, charter schools, healthcare clinics, retail development, and various mixed-use properties in communities.

Truist Community Capital is an equity investor in SBIC funds. We take an active role in partnering to deliver financial solutions to SBIC fund managers—and to the small business they serve. The goal? To increase access to capital for small businesses. 

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Truist Community Capital can serve as the Member Bank supporting your AHP application to the FHLB. AHP is a flexible source of funding designed to help community partners develop affordable owner-occupied and rental housing for very low to moderate income families and individuals.

Support from origination to servicing. Through Grandbridge, we offer Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD-insured loans to the owners of affordable and conventional market-rate multifamily housing and healthcare properties in primary and secondary markets. We’ll construct what fits for you, with features like future funding for capital expenditures and leasing expenses, earn-outs, and short-term loans with flexible prepayment.

Get a team of experts to help you smooth out the complexities of real estate lending—while increasing your access to sound capital sources.

Our expertise

Commercial Real Estate offers extensive financing, banking, and servicing capabilities, backed by deep industry expertise, to provide greater flexibility for your projects.

Real estate advisory

Are you the owner or operator of institutional-quality real estate? Our team is here to provide strategic capital solutions that help you meet your business’s vision.

Private owners & operators

Embark confidently on your next real estate project. Whether you’re building or investing in office, multifamily, retail, industrial, or hospitality, our team of market experts is here to deliver long-term guidance—as well as help you increase efficiency and value across your entire business.

Institutional real estate

Looking for opportunities to add value to your institution through investment? We can walk you through equity—or debt. Public markets—or private. Pooled funds—or joint ventures. Whatever your goals, our team has the experience to successfully navigate the complexities of institutional real estate.

Multifamily capital

Affordable. Seniors. Manufactured. Whatever type of multifamily property you’re interested in, our experienced team of experts will provide customized solutions—and the specialized knowledge you’re looking for.

Community capital

Do you share our passion for building better lives and communities? Our team specializes in financing the development and preservation of affordable housing and community development initiatives. We’ll help you maximize the use of subsidies and tax credit programs—and provide expertise and support as you grow. Let’s work together to positively impact our communities.

Real Estate Investment Trust banking

Achieve your business objectives—and maximize investor returns. Our team is here to provide you with investment banking opportunities and traditional banking solutions. With this full range of capabilities, you’ll be prepared to efficiently manage your capital and liquidity.

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