Disclosure Information

Truist Confidence Account

Account Opening, Closing and Usage
Minimum Opening Deposit


Monthly Maintenance Fee


How to Avoid the Monthly Maintenance Fee (MMF)

The Monthly Maintenance Fee can be waived for the Truist Confidence account for each statement cycle by:

  • Making $500 or more in total deposits per statement cycle OR
  • Making 10 or more qualifying transactions per statement cycle1 OR
  • Students under the age of 252

See the Personal Deposit Accounts Fee Schedule for further details.

Monthly Paper Statement Fee

There is a $2 charge for a paper statement3

Pays Interest

Truist Confidence Account is a non-interest bearing account

Account Statement

Statements are provided monthly and may be combined with other deposit accounts.

Overdraft Services
Overdraft Related Fees

Truist does not charge Overdraft4 related fees on this product.

$100 Negative Balance Buffer

$100 Negative Balance Buffer does not apply for Truist Confidence Account.

Charged-Off Account fee

This fee does not apply to the Truist Confidence Account

Overdraft Protection

Can only receive Overdraft Protection from a Truist Confidence Savings Account.

Overdraft Protection is an optional service that can help clients avoid declined transactions. The client can link a Truist Confidence Account (the “protected” account) to a Truist Confidence Savings deposit account (the “protector” account) and available funds are automatically transferred from the linked protector account when necessary to cover any shortfalls in the protected account. There is no fee for the Overdraft Protection transfer. The amount transferred is the exact amount of the overdraft.

If the linked protector account is a savings account, transfers will count towards the maximum number of six (6) withdrawals and transfers allowed per monthly statement cycle before a Withdrawal Limit Fee is incurred.

If your account does not have Overdraft Protection or Overdraft Protection is insufficient, transactions that exceed the account balance will typically be declined or returned.

Other Account-Related Fees
ATM Fees

No fee for transactions5 at Truist ATMs.

  • Non-Truist ATM fee - $2.50 per withdrawal
  • Non-Truist ATM balance inquiry - $1.00 per transaction5
  • 3% International Point of Sale & ATM assessment fee per transaction5
  • Replacement card rush fee: $15 charge
  • $5 per transaction5 at non-Truist ATMs outside of the U.S.

Stop Payment Fee

$35 each.

Returned Deposited Item/Cashed Item Fee

No Charge

Level Benefits

Level Benefits do not apply to the Truist Confidence Account.

Deposit and Withdrawal Processing Policies
Funds Availability

Funds are generally available the next business day after the deposit is received.

Transactions are processed each business day (Monday through Friday except federal holidays) during nightly processing and the results are posted to your account
Check deposits will be posted to your account and available for use after nightly processing unless a hold is placed

See the Funds Availability Policy in the Bank Services Agreement for further details.

Posting Order

Truist will post items to your account based on your available balance. The available balance can be impacted by pending transactions. Examples of common pending transactions can be found in the Bank Services Agreement.

Once the available balance is determined, prior-day credits and debits will post before current-day credits and debits. Once prior-day credits and debits are determined, if any, transactions will post in order according to the groupings below:

Deposits and credits – All deposits and credits will be posted to the account first. This includes cash and check deposits and incoming transfers (i.e., direct deposits and wires) received before the cutoff time at the location the deposit or transfer was made.

Bank-initiated transactions – These transactions include corrections and Returned Deposited Item/Cashed Item.

Client-initiated withdrawals and debits – Withdrawals/payments that have been previously authorized and cannot be returned unpaid. This category includes debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, account transfers and teller-cashed checks. If more than one of these transactions is received for payment from your account, the items are generally sorted and paid based on the date and time of the transaction. For a debit card transaction, if a merchant does not seek authorization from the bank at the time of the transaction, the date the transaction is received for payment from your account will be used.

Client-initiated withdrawals and debits such as ACH (automated payments) – Transactions such as bills that are paid by authorizing a third party to withdraw funds directly from your account. If there is more than one of these types of transactions, they will be sorted by the date and time that they are received. Multiple transactions that have the same time will be sorted and paid from lowest to highest serial number.

Client-initiated checks – Checks will be posted and sorted in sequential order.

Bank fees – Fees, such as the Monthly Maintenance Fee, will post to your account last. Please note that some fees will be posted to your account at the time they are incurred and others, like maintenance fees, will post last.

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