For more than a decade, Truist has partnered with Goodwills across the country to create successful workforce initiatives in service to individuals and communities in need. 

In 2021, Truist Foundation awarded grants to Goodwills nationwide to support the empowerment of vocational training for adult learners and individuals experiencing barriers to obtaining and sustaining meaningful employment.

The Power of Education and Employment

Recognizing a pressing need to create economic mobility for low- to medium-income communities, Goodwill has always sought to transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. Over a century after its founding, Goodwill now has a service footprint in 17 countries, with revenue from its retail stores funding job training and other impactful services to prepare individuals for job success. 

Local Goodwill agencies help individuals overcome challenges to build skills, find jobs, and grow their careers through the power of work. Their programs serve a range of individuals experiencing disadvantaged conditions or living with differing abilities that have created barriers to securing meaningful employment. 

Changing Lives in D.C. Through Employment, Training and Housing

With the intention of fostering economic mobility for low- to medium-income communities and communities of color, Truist Foundation provided $200,000 to Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW), located in Washington D.C., to expand Goodwill’s Workforce Development and Education Programs and its Goodwill Excel Center Adult Charter High School.

This funding helped to facilitate the expansion of the Excel Center to a second school site, enabling GGW to serve 425 District residents in 2022.  Participants can earn their high school diploma, career-recognized certifications, and assistance pursuing direct pathways to employment or college. Employer partners are also actively involved in the training and help with mock interview preparation for students.

"Through our programs, there are grandmothers and grandsons who have graduated high school together, and there are husbands and wives who have done the same… it is really amazing and makes the hair on your arms stand up." – Brendan Hurley, Chief of Collaboration, Communication & Marketing for Goodwill of Greater Washington

Bolstering E-Commerce Skillsets

Partnering with Gulfstream Goodwill (GGI), headquartered in West Palm, FL, Truist Foundation provided a $15,000 grant for Goodwill’s Microenterprise Program. This program seeks to address significant barriers to employment and economic disability for persons living with disabilities through substantive training in a self-sustaining e-commerce micro business.

The 30 million tons of household donations that GGI receives annually helps to provide trainees with textiles and tools to learn to upcycle, list, market sell, and ship under the Goodwill’s Microenterprise label. Lisa Mason, Senior Director of Employment Related Services explains, “Our program is focused on choice, which is critical to anyone’s programming, and we respect everyone has different capacity.”

Gulfstream Goodwill’s Good Prints print shop offers program participants the opportunity to learn an industry-recognized skill while being paid the prevailing minimum wage. Participants currently learn screen printing and design, order fulfillment, inventory management, and more. Florida is an Employment First state, which is committed to compensating persons with disabilities minimum wage, rather than the subminimum-wage training opportunities. 

One of Many Victory Stories – Amadu

Amadu’s story captures the mission of Goodwill of Greater Washington’s programs and how this work helps to transform lives by putting people on the road towards financial stability. Building a better life for his family was Amadu’s motivation to enroll in Goodwill’s Energy and Construction Training Program.

“With my resume, strong interview skills, and a career fair under my belt, I’m excited to go out and seize more opportunities. Goodwill gave us all the foundation, support, and encouragement – but we have to do the work ourselves to succeed.” - Amadu Dainkey

Amadu Dainkey's motivation to provide for his family and financial stability was what led him to enroll in Goodwill's Energy and Construction Training Program.

A Long-Term Partnership to Foster Economic Mobility

Truist Foundation’s partnership with Goodwill assists communities in closing gaps in equity and fostering economic mobility via employment and training. Through a multi-pronged approach via training programs, Excel Centers, and career advancement opportunities, their work helps to connect individuals to the best pathways for achieving greater economic and personal success.

Together, we look to deliver successful workforce development initiatives to the under-employed, in order to create pathways to achieving greater economic stability and a better quality of life.

About Truist Foundation

The Truist Foundation is committed to Truist Financial Corporation’s (NYSE: TFC) purpose to inspire and build better lives and communities. Established in 2020, the foundation makes strategic investments in nonprofit organizations to help ensure the communities it serves have more opportunities for a better quality of life. The Truist Foundation’s grants and activities focus on leadership development, economic mobility, thriving communities and educational equity.