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Welcome to the Fall edition of the Truist Dealer Insider. Auto retailing’s stellar performance persists—robust demand, constrained supply, and financially healthy consumers have supported dealer profitability while keeping capital flowing to the industry and M&A activity high.

Looking forward, we need to keep an eye on new developments in our industry, with our customers, and for the overall economy.

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In this issue:

  • The Truist Dealer Services team reviews the industry and economic issues that you should be watching. There’s no crystal ball, so every dealer needs to stay attentive to the market signals and interpret them for their own business.
  • The Feds’ response to inflation has interest rates up. That’s the time to turn to risk management and consider changes to your dealership’s capital mix.
  • The Truist Securities team adds the latest data on trends, recent transactions, and our Blue Sky Index. Whether you are active in the M&A market, are thinking about it, or just tracking the latest on your dealership’s value, you’ll find this information useful.
  • Damon Lester of the National Association of Minority Automotive Dealers (NAMAD) shares his thoughts on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the automotive business. Along with Truist’s Jason Smith and Wendy McSweeney, he outlines progress made and the remaining journey to get to where we need to go as an industry.
  • If you’ve flown lately, you know that the COVID has not been kind to the commercial flying experience—private aviation can simplify travel, minimize unproductive time, and avoid an increasing number of delays.

While we created the Truist Dealer Insider to be a valuable source of industry information, we want to get to know your dealership, including your goals, challenges, and opportunities. Contact any of us at Truist Dealer Services and draw on our industry experience and deep roots in our local communities to support your business, whether it’s with capital structuring, auto finance, M&A strategy, or business and family transition planning. We’re here to partner with you and offer strategic advice. 

Articles in this issue

Auto retailers lay out a path through a volatile economy

Featured article

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in auto retailing

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in auto retailing

Dealership M&A and valuation overview

Dealership M&A and valuation overview

The right time for a risk management reset

The right time for a risk management reset

The right time for a risk management reset

Auto dealers put private aviation to work

Meet the team

Jason W. Smith

Head of Truist Dealer Commercial Services

Bill Jones

Head of Truist Dealer Retail Services

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Head of Automotive Truist Securities