Know what to expect as your SunTrust Commercial banking products and services transition to Truist. Use this guide to keep you informed—and give you confidence in a smooth experience.

Checking and money market

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Good news. You can keep banking like you usually do. For clients of both banks, there will be no changes to checking and money market account numbers, or banking routing numbers.

Hang on to your checks. There’s no need to order new ones or deposit slips until your current supply runs out.

You’ll receive this information in a mail package at least 30 days before changes are made that affect your account. The package will outline applicable changes to product naming and fee structures.

You’ll also be able to view these details on your new Truist Account Analysis statement, which you’ll receive after your accounts transition to Truist. And, know that you can request an Account Analysis statement at any time.

You may receive multiple communications if you opened a new SunTrust account after September 10, 2021.

Your existing wire transfer instructions and automatic drafts will remain intact through the transition to Truist. There’s nothing you need to do.

Fees on some products and services may be adjusted to align pricing between our heritage organizations and/or with the market. We’ve worked to limit fee increases, but depending on your particular products and services, your total fees may change.

Merchant Services

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You should continue to accept payments and process your merchant batches just like you do today. No changes are required on your part at this time. If there are changes to your existing merchant account or other information you should be aware of, an informational packet will be sent to you. We may also provide additional information on your monthly merchant statement.

You should continue to use your current provider for support.


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If you currently have a business loan or line of credit, you’ll begin receiving Truist loan statements after October 2021 if you were a BB&T client and after February 2022 if you were a SunTrust client.

Good news here, too. There will be no merger-related changes to lending account numbers for the vast majority of clients. If you're one of the few clients who’ll have an account number change, we'll contact you ahead of time and guide you through the process.

Card-Based Services

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More information regarding changes to these cards will be provided in a mail package at least 30 days prior to changes affecting your account.

For now, continue to use your current cards. You’ll receive a new Truist card when the current one expires or is replaced.

Keep using your current cards. If you’re an active card user, you’ll receive a new Truist card when the current one expires.

If you’re a SunTrust client, new Truist Business Debit and Delta SkyMiles® Business Debit cards will replace your existing card(s). You’ll have a new card number, expiration date, and 3-digit security code. Your PIN will stay the same.

Online and mobile banking

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You’ll need to sign in and accept new terms at to begin exploring new and enhanced features. 

We’re in the process of integrating two different financial institutions—the platforms, accounts, services, and solutions offered by BB&T and SunTrust. We won’t be fully integrated until early 2022. Until then, you’ll see few changes to the way you use your current treasury services. And that’s how we intend it. We’re working hard to facilitate a seamless transition for your organization.

Questions about the transition? Call 877-882-1195.

Need more information?

Your relationship manager is here for you. Contact them if you have questions, and they’ll communicate any other changes as they come up.

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