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Dollar-cost averaging means investing consistently, whether the market is up or down. It simplifies the way you invest and reduces overall investing risk. Here’s how it works.

You invest $100 each month. In January, the cost of your investment is $10 a share. In June, it’s $10.25. As the share price fluctuates, your $100 contribution buys varying share amounts. If you’d invested the entire lump sum back in January, $600 investment would be worth $615. But if you practiced dollar-cost averaging your $600 investment would be worth about $649. Because you were able to take advantage of market dips. Dollar-cost averaging with a robo-advisor like Truist Invest, allows you to invest confidently, even in volatile markets.

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Investing for the long-term

Investing & retirement

September 6, 2022

New or conservative investors may be able to build wealth—and reduce risk—with dollar-cost averaging.