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Your investment account details and investment portfolio can be accessed within Online Banking and the Truist Mobile Banking App. The Truist banking solution is a fully integrated banking and investment experience where you can see your full financial picture.

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We value your relationship and strive to help you manage your investment portfolio securely and easily. PortfolioView is a portfolio management tool and financial dashboard that allows you to monitor and analyze asset information, bond maturity schedules, historical market values, and up to 18 months of statements and transactions information from your laptop or desktop.

Whether you want detailed analysis or a high-level snapshot, PortfolioView will help you easily navigate and organize your investment, trust, or custody accounts. Contact a member of your Truist team to enroll.

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TAMLink provides users with trust asset management and online access to investment information prior to May 1,2021. TAMLink will be available until December 31, 2021 for access to BB&T account history.

Wealthscape Investor

Wealthscape Investor provides an alternative option to view Truist Investment Services, Inc. accounts if they are ineligible to be viewed in Online Banking. Most commonly these include business only investment relationships and third party users

Have questions? Contact your financial advisor, or call 888-228-6654.