Pulse news: What’s new from Truist

Financial planning

Dec 13, 2021

The new 2022 Annual Outlook, a strategic media partnership, and a purposeful read.

The Annual Outlook is here

The Truist 2022 Annual Outlook offers realistic-yet-positive expert analysis on what you can expect in the year to come from strong equities, the somewhat volatile bond market, and the continually growing economy.

A prosperous partnership

Truist is excited about a content partnership with Bloomberg Media.

Bloomberg proudly states that it aims to “change the world for the better” through its products and its people. It’s not surprising, then, that Truist is partnering with Bloomberg Media to create a series of in-depth articles aimed at the Wealth sector under the banner of “The Winding Road to Prosperity.”

Topics include:

  • Splurging and saving
  • The lure of alternative investments
  • Building wealth equality
  • Tax anxieties and strategies

Check out this exceptional content today across the Bloomberg ecosystem, including digital, mobile, and print.

The story of Truist

The book “On Purpose” shows how organizations can uncover their purpose and drive positive change.

As the leaders of two financial institutions based in the South, Kelly King of BB&T and Bill Rogers of SunTrust connected in many ways. But what really lit a spark between them was their shared purpose: that financial institutions should change people’s lives for the better.

Both believed that future success would belong to companies and organizations willing to disrupt tradition—in particular, banks that pursued the purpose of building better lives and communities. And they realized that by combining their companies, their impact on those communities would be even greater.

How they made that vision a reality is the focus of “On Purpose,” a new book about the origin story of Truist, one of the world’s first purpose-driven banks. It shows how decisions become easier when made through the lens of purpose. As Truist CEO Bill Rogers says, “Purpose doesn’t lend itself to Monday morning quarterbacking.” Each chapter ends with lessons on purpose that readers can apply to their lives, work, family, or community.

To learn more about how to find your purpose, read the “On Purpose” e-book or listen to the audiobook.