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[music begins]

[voiceover] I did it. I sold the business I worked so hard to grow, and I know it’s in good hands. Looking back on how I got to this point, I had a coordinated team of experts lead me through the entire selling process. They helped me consider creative options, including private equity, employee stock ownership, and more.

Before I could even think about selling, I had to make lots of decisions to help my business grow in a strategic way—like hiring and retaining the best employees to achieve our goals.

And before all that, it was simply about starting off on the right foot. I quickly learned the importance of streamlining accounts and managing my spending activity. When I started, I didn’t know all the ins and outs of the game. But I knew I could make it happen, and that I needed smart partners to help me along the way.

Success in business is about taking one key step. And … all the steps that follow.

[music ends]

Business Transition: An Instant Replay