How can financial wellness programs impact employees?

Employee benefits

Here's why personal finances may play a key role in workplace productivity.

Full-time employees are more concerned about their finances.

graph of employees and their financial stress: more than half report financial challenges as a main cause of stress

Consider the impact on employees' work.

circles showing the impact of financial stress on employees' work

Midmarket employers are paying attention.

graphs displaying the focus on employee financial health may remain a top priority for businesses moving forward

Truist Momentum leads to employee satisfaction.

When it comes to the financial health of employees, business leaders need a financial wellness program that produces results. Truist Momentum can help by inspiring, educating, and equipping workers to manage their money based on what matters to them.

Truist Momentum offers employees valuable tools, such as:7

Access to our online learning center

Self-directed online modules, or instructor-led training

Personal financial coaching

infographic on people who completed the momentum program
"Financial stress is nothing new, and the truth is that it has nothing to do with income. More satisfied, financially organized workers are closer to their goals and less distracted in their personal lives and at work, which boosts overall company productivity."
– Brian Nelson Ford, head of financial wellness, Truist

Workers who feel secure in their finances may be more focused and engaged. By providing educational tools and offering financial wellness programs, you can position your company for success while supporting your employees.

Start empowering your employees' financial health today.

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