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Simple investing with Truist Invest. As investments fluctuate in value, rebalancing may reduce risk by restoring your portfolio's intended asset mix. Digital advisors like Truist Invest rebalance your account for you to remove emotion-based decisions and allow you to be hands-off. Let's see how it works. Truist Invest creates a portfolio of assets based on your risk tolerance and time horizon. An advanced algorithm monitors and analyzes your portfolio daily. If your investments aren't on track to support your goals, Truist Invest buys and sells investments to get you back on track. Whether the market is down or up, rebalancing keeps your portfolio diverse and may reduce overall risk. To learn more about Truist Invest and to get started visit

Rebalance your portfolio with ease

Investing & retirement

September 20, 2022

Reduce risk and emotion-based decision making with automatic rebalancing.

Rebalancing and diversification do not ensure against loss and does not assure a profit.