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Simple investing with Truist Invest

When you’re an investor, feeling anxiety is a common experience. And sometimes, it can negatively impact investing decisions.

Investing anxiety is the brain’s emotional response to potential concerns, like market volatility, choosing the right assets, or figuring out if you’re on track to meet your goals.

Shifting from being an anxious investor to being a confident one doesn’t guarantee profit, but it may help you better understand risk and manage your approach accordingly.

On a Money & Mindset episode about investing with confidence, Dr. Daniel Crosby, psychologist and behavioral finance expert, shared these tips for managing investing concerns.

Tip number 1, brush up on investing. The more you learn, the better you may feel. Listen to podcasts and read articles and books to understand the market and best practices.

Tip number 2, tune out the noise. There’s a lot of information about investing out there—and not all of it is helpful. As you surround yourself with good ideas, consider tuning out less reliable sources.

Tip number 3, have a plan and stick to it. Having a purposeful goal gives you something to work toward and can help you stay the course when things seem uncertain.

Tip number 4, patience is key. Investing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, so maintain good investing habits—like routine contributions and checking your accounts periodically instead of daily.

And finally, talk with a pro. Remember, it’s your investing journey, but that doesn’t mean you should go it alone. Check in with a financial advisor regularly to get objective advice and avoid emotional decisions.

An investing service like Truist Invest pairs automated investing with access to a team of financial advisors so you can invest confidently and speak to a professional when you need to.

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How to go from anxious investor to a confident one

Investing & retirement

Investing anxiety is a common feeling that can negatively impact your decisions. But you can become a more confident investor with these five tips.