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Simple investing with Truist Invest. The amount of time you hold an investment prior to selling is known as your time horizon. Time horizons vary in length, depending on your goals. You may have more time to save for retirement than for the down payment on your next big purchase. Knowing your time horizon can simplify your investing decisions. The longer your horizon is, the more time you'll have to potentially grow investments and recover from volatile markets. Simply decide what you're working toward to establish your timeline, and be specific. Truist Invest uses your time horizon and risk tolerance to create and monitor a portfolio tailored to your goals. Daily analysis identifies opportunities for rebalancing so you can be as involved as you like. If your goal or time horizon changes, you can adjust it. To learn more, about Truist Invest and to get started visit

How time horizons impact investing

Investing & retirement

September 20, 2022

The length of time you have to invest is important information that indicates why you’re investing—and how.