Our take: Help to get kids interested in investing

Financial Planning

October 20, 2022

Tips from the Truist team.

Consider how old you were when you learned about the stock market. Financial literacy is important—regardless of age. But talking about investing with your kids—and getting them up to speed—may not come naturally. You’re definitely not alone. We sought help from Truist advisors on the best ways to get kids interested in investing.

It’s never too early

When I was a child, financial topics weren’t discussed in my home—I learned about investing in college. But we know that wealth equality depends on increased education and aware-ness. When my daughter was one year old, I started an investment portfolio for her. Now she’s 11, and we talk together about the basic concepts of investing. She picks the stocks, based on companies that she’s heard about or places that we shop. She’s learning that she can invest in companies that matter to her.

Sabrina Bowens-Richard
Senior investment solutions specialist, diverse asset managers
Atlanta, GA

Firsthand inspiration and experience

There’s a saying, “Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” This is never truer than when trying to impart financial literacy to children. In addition to encouraging mock investing challenges, our group has invited young clients into the office for an informal one-day internship. Children perform a case study on a company that resonates with their interests in the hopes of jump-starting their interest in the financial markets.

Todd LaRocca
Sports and entertainment wealth advisor
Del Mar, CA

What drives them?

I always start with a conversation, whether it’s my daughter or the kids of my clients who are in high school or college. What drives them? What are they interested in? What kind of stock would they like to buy? Then they come back with a list, and I’ll help them understand what’s going on with the stock. What are the highs, what are the lows, what’s the good, what’s the bad? I’ll help them buy the stocks (or an ETF). And then we’ll talk every few months to review the performance.

Sabina Lien
Senior managing director/financial advisor
Winter Park, FL