13 things we’ve been meaning to tell you about Oscarlyn Elder

Financial Planning

Our co-chief investment officer and host of Truist Wealth’s new podcast, “I’ve Been Meaning To Do That,” talks about why planning with purpose could make you more content and who has inspired her.

Happiness isn’t about having wealth. It’s about being more intentional with what you have. In other words, living your purpose. But you might need help to figure out your personal purpose and to know what actions to take to get there. Our podcast “I’ve Been Meaning To Do That” will help you connect your aspirations with your daily life and your financial life.

We caught up with host Oscarlyn Elder, Truist Wealth’s co-chief investment officer, to ask her about the podcast, the benefits of planning with purpose, and what values she learned from her parents. 

What’s one thing you’ve been meaning to do and haven’t yet done?

Amending my revocable trust. I created it when my daughter was born and she’s now 16. I have a much clearer idea of who she is and what she’d need if I passed away unexpectedly.

What do you hope listeners will take away from the “I’ve Been Meaning To Do That” podcast?

I hope our listeners will feel engaged and inspired to increase their financial wellness and overall well-being after listening.

What does “planning with purpose” mean to you?

Simply put, it’s planning that’s aligned with what’s most important to you—and your family.

What’s a misconception people have about wealth?

The major misconception is that wealth is perfectly correlated with happiness. It isn’t. Happiness and joy come when someone is deeply connected to whatever is purposeful or meaningful to them. 

What are the financial advantages of planning with purpose?

The major advantage is that you’re better able to stick with your plan—to stay on course and not be whipsawed by the current environment—when you prioritize your purpose. Your purpose is your foundation.

What would an outsider find surprising about your line of work?

It isn’t all numbers and data. Leadership and investment advice-giving are firmly rooted in understanding people, and people are not all about numbers.

What is your personal purpose?

My personal purpose is to live in joy and peace and to create better futures.  My professional purpose is to inspire others to dream big and to create solutions to complex challenges.

Who (or what) has inspired you in your career?

My goal has been to learn from each environment and experience I’m in, but I do want to mention some important inspirations. 

I grew up in rural Virginia, where my dad runs a successful business. My mother opened a photography studio in the 1980s and grew into an award-winning photographer. Both modeled a strong work ethic and possessed enough self-confidence to venture into the unknown without any guarantee of success. Their imprint on me is clear. 

Another place of inspiration has been with Elizabeth’s Early Learning Center in Lynchburg, Virginia. I had the honor of serving on their board from 2007 to 2015, and I met people who were driven intensely by purpose and the clarity of EELC’s mission to provide affectionate and personalized care to every child in a safe environment. They remain a constant source of inspiration to me. 

What do you prefer:

  • Tulips or sunflowers? Tulips
  • Carolina or Texas BBQ? Isn’t the real question Western or Eastern Carolina BBQ?
  • Listening to music or reading a book? Reading a book
  • Art gallery or history museum? Art gallery
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunset, on a boat, with my husband

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