Adopt digital technologies

Navigating recovery

How has COVID-19 affected your customers?

COVID-19 may have significantly changed customer priorities, buying patterns and distribution channel preferences.

Adopt digital technologies during COVID-19

The drive to distanced interactions has led to the adoption of more digitally enabled activities in sales, marketing, operations workflow, supplier payments, human resources, and payroll.

Why it matters

With COVID-19, work needs to be virtual—free from the physical constraints of the office or store. Sales have shifted to purchasing and servicing on digital platforms. Digital capabilities and cloud-based technologies can help now and allow you to be more responsive in the future.

Key question

How can you maximize digital technology to fuel your business operations and enable customers to interact with minimal physical contact?

Maximize social media

Make it easy for your customers to find you. Send regular emails to your customers and prospects, letting them know how you’re operating and adjusting to serve them better during COVID-19. With fewer in-person interactions, use video, online chat/meeting, or webinars to get your message out.

Look for technologies to keep your name in front of customers

Actions to take

Focus on what works best in your market. Consider short texts with a link to your web site. Offer video conferences or webinars. Nobody’s expecting professional production during these times, but everyone will appreciate informative and heartfelt messages.

Take the plunge into ecommerce

Your business probably has plans for online transactions. Now’s the time to implement them. As you shift to online billing and payments, use your staff to take calls and credit cards.

Get the workbook

With thoughtful step-by-step planning exercises and action items, the Small Business Recovery Workbook is the perfect companion to this guide.

Use it to organize all your ideas and goals in one place—so you can focus on the big picture and your next steps.

Measures to consider

Boost cash flow electronically

Offer electronic funds transfer via PayPal. Use merchant services for credit card payments or contactless payments in person.

Online check deposit services will get cash into the bank quickly and save a trip to the bank.

Run a digital office

Cloud-based document storage like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox enable employees to share documents easily. Use video conferencing for meetings and sales calls—it’s much easier than you might think. Use business credit cards for employee purchasing—without the hassle of cash advances or checks—while controlling what you spend.

Enhance your website

Create more self-service materials and onboarding content so clients can learn about your products while personal contact is less frequent. Ask your web developer for a “COVID-19 Update” button to take customers to a page with the latest news.

How Truist can help

Merchant services

Merchant services can support payment by card for ecommerce or with contactless payment.

Deposit checks without going to the bank

Use online check deposit services, and skip the trip.

Apply for a business credit card

Get business credit cards to simplify purchasing and expense control.

Drive sales

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