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It feels good to pay your employees—especially when you’re using Truist Online Payroll.Disclosure 1 It’s designed for small businesses with one to 100 employees and loaded with benefits for a low monthly fee.

Let us lighten your workload—for less.

Automatic payroll processing.

Calculates pay, stores payroll data, and makes reporting easier.

Full-service payroll tax filing.

File taxes automatically and get help resolving government notices.

Sized right for your small business.

Built—and priced—for businesses with one to 100 employees.

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Whether your business has one employee or 100, you can save time and money by managing your payroll through Truist's easy-to-use payroll management service. With Truist Online Payroll, you can take control of every payroll task with just a few clicks. All you need to do is choose to pay employees by check or direct deposit and enter employee pay information at your convenience. Then, Truist Online Payroll does the rest by calculating, depositing, and filing your federal, state, and local payroll taxes.

Automated processing and complete reporting help you stay focused on managing and growing your business. Truist Online Payroll is easily accessible through Truist Online Banking and allows you to easily view your payroll and bank account information all in one place. You can explore a variety of automatically generated payroll reports and HR compliance resources such as business and employee tax forms, how-to guides, and compliance posters. Truist Online Payroll is backed by a team of experts available to connect on the phone or via online chat support five days a week, Monday through Friday.

You can also get support from our online help center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The payroll entry interface makes it quick and easy to review and approve payroll. You can conveniently launch payroll directly from the dashboard by selecting "begin payroll." As an added benefit, current salary information pre-populates for salaried employees, so you only need to update changes to the employee information and enter hours for hourly employees and 1099 contractors.

With payroll entry, you no longer need to do the repetitive work. Plus, updates are easy to make. You can add any extra pay under "other compensation," apply one-time deductions, and turn off direct deposit whenever you need to. A real-time summary and detailed preview of your payroll is available, which can help prevent errors before your payroll is processed and money is deducted from your account.

To make changes to an employee's payroll information, click "edit payroll" to return to the payroll entry screen, make your desired changes, then click "preview payroll" again to see the revised totals. When all details are correct, click "approve payroll" and we'll handle the rest. Truist Online Payroll provides a detailed breakdown of the fund allocation for your payroll. You can instantly see the amount electronically withdrawn from your account, funds required for deductions and paper checks, as well as the total expenses for payroll.

In addition to verifying your payroll entry, this breakdown provides a simple graphic for a quick summary. Truist Online Payroll automatically takes care of all your payroll details, including calculating and depositing your federal, state, and local payroll taxes, so you won't have to worry about keeping track of strict IRS and state agency deadlines. When payroll returns are due, we file them with the appropriate agencies. You can count on timely, accurate deposits and tax filings.

With Truist Online Payroll, you'll never have to wait for a third-party service to deliver payroll checks- you can control as much of your payroll delivery as you desire. In addition to online payroll assistance, you have access to direct deposit services and the ability to print checks whenever you'd like, at no additional cost. Truist provides your employees with direct access to their personal payroll information at no additional cost. Through a simple, secure sign-in, employees have easy online access to their pay stubs, payroll history, benefits, deductions, and tax and wage information, including their W-2.

Also, employees using direct deposit receive an email notification when they've been paid. Truist Online Payroll gives you peace of mind through complete reporting. The system creates cash-requirement and approval-date reports that can be generated by pay period, quarter, or year through an easy drop-down list. You can also review your federal, state, and local tax deposits and filings for the same periods.

Once a report has been generated, you can preview it online or generate a PDF, Excel, or RTF document for offline printing and analysis. In addition, online payroll reporting can send automatic reminders and emails based on the payroll preferences you've set. You can also set reminders for bank holidays into your phone calendar. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks, AccountEdge, Zoho Books, and Xero.

This is accessed through the Payroll Plus tab. It can also export directly into Microsoft Excel to interface with many other common accounting packages. Truist Online Payroll allows you to easily add new employees and make changes to payroll as your team grows. You may start with a small, weekly payroll made through checks, and, as your business evolves, you can easily transition to biweekly payroll through direct deposit.

Any changes made in payroll-like frequency, schedule, or employee deductions-take place the next payroll. We'll keep you on top of these changes by automatically updating reminders, so you'll never miss a deadline. We also make it simple to enter new hires. When you hire a new employee, we automatically report that new hire to the appropriate state agency, saving you time and helping to keep you compliant with state and federal regulations.

We know you're busy, so we want to help make your payroll process less time-consuming. That's why we make all your employee information, such as banking details, pay rates, taxes, and deductions, editable from a single screen. Truist Online Payroll also delivers flexibility. Default compensation information for employees helps us to speed up data entry, while the ability to add new hourly rates and other custom compensation items gives you room to customize a payroll run.

Plus, your company information can be easily managed in one central location. The menu on the left side of the screen allows you to maintain contact information, earnings, payroll schedule, benefits, workers compensation information, and more. Truist Online Payroll helps you stay on top of important HR and payroll tasks, and helps you remain compliant with federal and state labor laws with our free, HR advisor-compliance poster service. Simply verify the pre-populated information and fill out a brief questionnaire, and your poster package will be created for you.

If posters change, we will automatically update them and send you an alert. Help is only a click away through live chat, which is available when you're online. You can also access our how-to guides on important HR topics, including hiring procedures, performance appraisals, and healthcare and 401(k) plan selections. Save time by using our standard forms to help you complete common HR tasks, from administering leave to recruiting and hiring employees.

Our pre-populated forms can save you even more time since basic information is automatically entered on forms such as W-4s when new hires are added to the system. We also integrate with time clocks to make hourly payroll entry faster and more accurate. Integration with accounting packages keeps all your records in sync with one another. We'll send automatic payroll alerts to ensure you run your payroll on time every time.

You can also set custom reminders for other important events, such as employee birthdays and employment anniversaries. Truist Online Payroll was developed for and is specifically tailored to businesses with one to 100 employees. We're backed by experts and always ready to provide you with full support whenever you need it. Now that you know how the online payroll system works, are you ready to get started?

Simply sign up for Truist Online Banking to gain access to online payroll. If you're already a Truist Online Banking client, just sign in and select the payroll tab, it's that easy. Or, feel free to give us a call at 877-432-1824. (gentle music)

Truist Online Payroll Benefits

There’s a lot for you—and your employees—to love about Truist Online Payroll.

Accuracy, automation, and unlimited support—all in one place. Think of it as your payroll power-up.

Maximize convenience.

  • Manage employee and payroll information in a single secure system.
  • Automatically calculate earnings, deductions, and taxes.
  • Choose from more than 20 standard reports, available online in real time.
  • Set up payday reminders and email notifications for employees.

Save money.

  • Help avoid penalties for your tax obligations through automatic calculation and filing of federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Keep track of tax payments and forms online—so you don’t miss important details and deadlines.
  • Enjoy full-service payroll tax filing at potential savings compared to the cost of most assisted or full-service payroll providers.

Save time.

  • Run payroll in just three clicks.
  • Connect with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, AccountEdge, Zoho Books, and Xero.
  • Get unlimited support from certified payroll specialists, certified public accountants, and bookkeepers—available by phone, email, or live chat.

Boost productivity.

  • Use direct deposit at no extra cost.
  • Create and print payroll checks, W2s, and 1099s.
  • Give employees secure, password-protected access to pay records, W-2s, and 1099s.
  • Get real-time access to all current federal and state compliance posters, business forms, and small business guides.

How Truist Online Payroll works

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Rest assured—it’s secure.

Keeping your money safe is our priority for your payroll.

How we help you fight fraud:

  • All transactions are encrypted.
  • Our networks use anti-virus software.
  • We’re using market-leading security tools with online and mobile banking.
  • Detailed security protocols are in place when you visit our branches and work with our teammates.

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