How Small Business Line of Credit Works

How it works:

  • Apply for a specific line of credit amount.Disclosure 2
  • Borrow up to your available credit limit.
  • Access funds by transferring money to your checking account or by writing checks.
  • Interest accrues only on the outstanding balance.
  • Use as revolving line of credit and re-borrow over time up to the maximum credit limit.

Best if you want to:

  • Cover seasonal or revolving cash flow
  • Access working capital where and when you need it
  • Access a larger line of credit if secured by collateral

Apply for a card that fits your needs.

Small business credit cards

Extra buying power. More financial freedom. Rewards potential.

Looking for a commercial loan?

  • Do you have borrowing needs that exceed $250,000?
  • Are your annual revenues over $2,000,000?
  • Do you have a multifamily investment property or construction needs?

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