Small business

Know what to expect as your SunTrust small business banking products and services transition to Truist. Use this guide to keep you informed—and give you confidence in a smooth experience.

Checking, savings, money market, and CDs

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Good news. For both BB&T and SunTrust clients, there will be no merger-related changes to checking, savings, and money market account numbers, bank routing number, direct deposits, automatic drafts, or wire transfer instructions.

So you can continue to bank as usual. And there’s no need to order new checks or deposit slips until your current supply runs out.

SunTrust clients – You’ll receive new CD account numbers in early 2022. We’ll contact you ahead of time and guide you through the process.

BB&T clients – There will be no merger-related changes to your CD account numbers. 

You’ll receive this information in a mail package at least 30 days before changes are made that affect your account. The information will outline changes to product naming and fee structures.

You may receive multiple communications if you opened a new SunTrust deposit account or made changes to an existing SunTrust deposit account after September 10, 2021. You may also receive multiple communications if there are different owners on multiple accounts in the household.

Fees on some products and services may be adjusted to align pricing between our heritage organizations and/or with the market. We’ve worked to limit fee increases, but depending on your particular products and services, your total fees may change.

Business Debit Cards and Delta SkyMiles® Business Debit Cards

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SunTrust clients – If you currently have a MasterCard® branded SunTrust Business Debit Card or a Delta SkyMiles® Business debit card, you’ll receive a Visa branded Truist Business Debit Card or a Delta SkyMiles® Business Debit Card mid-February 2022. Debit cards linked to savings only will be replaced with ATM cards. Your new cards will have different card numbers, expiration dates, and 3-digit security codes—but your PIN will stay the same.

You’ll receive more information in the coming months, including activation timing and changes to existing accounts.

BB&T clients – You’ll receive your new Truist Visa® business debit card when your current card expires.

SunTrust clients – Not familiar with Deals? You’ll love it! Deals earn you cash back when you make purchases with your eligible Truist cards at select retailers. 

BB&T clients – Good news. Deals will continue. Be on the lookout for an information packet in the coming months with all the details.

Credit cards

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You’ll receive your new Truist credit card when your current card expires. We’ll send you an information packet in the coming months with details on changes to existing accounts and information you’ll need to share with your organization’s individual cardholders. For now, keep banking and enjoy all the features and benefits you’re used to.

Good news. You'll continue to earn rewards as applicable to your account, as you do today – redeemable for cash back, gift cards, merchandise and more.

Branches and ATMs

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There’s a lot to love about this transition. For starters:

  • Use your debit or ATM card right now at any BB&T or SunTrust ATM to make cash withdrawals—with no ATM fees. Continue to bank as you normally would—exciting improvements and benefits are right around the corner.
  • Get more done with greater ease. A number of ATMs will have the option of contactless interactions, and you can change your PIN right at the ATM if you’d like.
  • Over 3,000 ATMs are now available to you within our Truist network.

You can continue to use your BB&T or SunTrust branches and ATMs during our transition.

We’ll be rolling out Truist branding updates—including temporary signage—to branches, ATMs, and printed materials from May 2021 through March 2022.

We’re planning for a limited amount of ATM and branch downtime during the transition to Truist. Your ability to make deposits at SunTrust ATMs could be interrupted during the two weeks prior to transition weekend. Know that we’re working very hard to minimize any disruption to services.

Truist products are available in BB&T branches and will be available in SunTrust branches in early 2022. 

By phone:


  • Call BB&T at 844-4TRUIST (844-487-8478)
  • Call SunTrust at 800-786-8787

Online and mobile banking

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You’ll need to sign in and accept new terms at to begin exploring new and enhanced features. Please visit online and mobile banking for additional information.

Merchant Services

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You should continue to accept payments and process your merchant batches just like you do today. No changes are required on your part at this time. If there are changes to your existing merchant account or other information you should be aware of, an informational packet will be sent to you. We may also provide additional information on your monthly merchant statement.

You should continue to use your current provider for support.