More customizable than checks. More convenient than cash.

Streamline your event giveaways, client gifts, and employee incentives with the Truist Visa® Reward Card. It can be used at millions of stores and online realtors, so everyone will appreciate it. Plus—you can customize the design so they’ll be reminded of your business with every use. 

Features of the card:

  • Single load prepaid card—in any amount from $25 to $1,000
  • Can be used anywhere in the United States where Visa® is accepted
  • Customizable card designs that can include your business logo
  • No minimum order1
  • Discounted purchase fee
  • Free shipping for orders of 35 or more cards with rush options available1
  • Delivered in 5 to 10 business days

Benefits for you:

  • Save time by letting us order, process, and deliver your cards right to you
  • Eliminate the hassle of issuing checks or mailing branded merchandise
  • Increase brand awareness by personalizing the cards with a custom design or logo
  • Help you—or your employees—stick to a budget
  • Give cards whenever you need to—there’s no monthly fee until they’re activated by the user2

Have a card to use?

Ready to buy?

  • To purchase standard or custom reward cards contact your Truist relationship manager or local branch
  • Learn more about your card in our FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Truist Visa Reward Card

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It’s a prepaid card—not a credit card—which means the value of the card is limited to the amount of money loaded on it. It carries the Visa logo, and functions like a credit or debit card, but has a finite amount of funds available. The reward card allows you to buy what you want, when you want, at millions of merchants in the U.S.—wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted.

Using your reward card is similar to using any prepaid Visa card. Each time you use your card, the purchase amount is deducted from your available balance. It’s a good idea to know your balance before you shop so that your card is accepted. Check your balance anytime by visiting  or by calling 866-594-2076

Frequently asked questions about using your Truist Reward Card

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The starting balance of your reward card should be noted on the card carrier, and it could be printed on the front of the card. You can also check the available balance on your card at any time by visiting or by calling 866-594-2076.

Yes! You can use your reward card anywhere in the U.S. where Visa debit cards are accepted.

No, you can’t use your reward card to access cash at an ATM or through a cash advance.

No, you can’t use your reward card to access cash at checkout.

Yes, a $3.50 monthly fee begins 6 months after activation, and there’s a balance transfer fee of $15 when card unload service is requested. See the Truist Reward Card Cardholder Agreement for additional fee details.

Yes. Here’s how:

  1. Tell the merchant in advance you'll be using two methods of payment.
  2. Give them the card and tell them the amount to deduct—not exceeding the balance.
  3. Pay the difference with a second form of payment.

Yes. Using your Truist Reward Card signifies that you accept the Terms and Conditions.

Yes—but first you have to register your card by visiting When you make your online or phone purchase, use the name, address and phone number you used when you registered your card.

Yes— but you have to prepay with the station attendant. The card can’t be used to pay at the pump.

Yes—but keep in mind that many restaurants add an automatic tip or other fees to the purchase amount when authorizing card purchases. If your total bill exceeds the balance on your reward card, it may be declined. If this happens, ask the merchant to deduct a specific amount from the card and use another method of payment for the balance.

No. The reward card can’t be used for car rentals, airline tickets, or hotels.

If your transaction is declined, check your balance by visiting or by calling 866-594-2076. If your transaction was declined even though there were sufficient funds on your card, call 866-594-2076 for assistance.

If the merchant's return policy allows it, the merchant will credit the amount of the purchase back on your card—which means you’ll need to still have the card. If you think you might need to do a return, save your receipt and the card even after you’ve spent all the funds.

A merchant may cancel the transaction at your request. However, if the merchant has already obtained an authorization for your transaction, funds equal to the authorization amount won’t be available for purchases for 3 to 7 business days.

Keep the card in case you need to return any items you purchased with it. Otherwise, you can dispose of it.

Once the reward card expires and any remaining funds are forfeited and no longer accessible.