Low-cost benefits to help improve employee productivity

Managing your business

Retain your employees and boost their productivity.

Your employees may have been drawn to your company by a competitive salary and opportunities for career growth. But what will keep them there? You can set your business apart by offering extra benefits that not only keep your employees happy, but boost their productivity as well. Here are a few low-cost options.

Flextime arrangements

Help your employees better manage their lives and avoid burn-out by allowing them to choose a schedule outside of certain core work hours. Allowing them to work from home—either occasionally or all the time—is another way to improve their work-life balance.

Wellness programs

This goes beyond offering health insurance. Consider subsidizing gym memberships. Or start a company sports league. You could even hold aerobics or yoga classes in the office over the lunch hour. 
Help reduce employee stress by bringing in a chair massage therapist once a month—or after a particularly grueling project. Offer free, in-office flu shots each fall. Your employees will save time and money and you’ll keep your staff healthier and working throughout the flu season.

Employee engagement boosters

Take simple steps to make your company a more engaging, fun place to work. Institute a bring-your-pet-to-work day. Offer paid volunteer time—which not only lets employees support the causes they care about, it benefits the whole community. Once a month, bring in a free lunch for everyone—it saves employees from running out to the local deli and encourages bonding between coworkers.

Appreciation perks

Your company would be nothing without your employees. Show them you recognize that with perks that say “thank you.” If a current employee recruits a new hire, reward them with a cash bonus. Close the office early on Friday afternoons in the summer. Or give the whole staff a paid half-day off after a particularly tough couple of weeks. Consider implementing a peer recognition program—and let staffers nominate their colleagues for going above and beyond.

Bottom line

None of these benefits cost you much. But they can result in more engaged employees. And engaged employees boost business. Talk with your Truist banker for more ideas Go to Truist small business employee benefits on how to further boost employee engagement.