Tactical tips from the Truist team


Feb. 21, 2021

Truist advisors and other team members offer their thoughts for best practices in 2021.

Update your estate documents

Tanya Battle, Wealth Advisor, Richmond, Virginia

Making sure my clients have their estate documents in order has always been a priority, and COVID-19 made it all the more crucial. In addition to staying in close touch with my clients during this time, my team and I have been busy helping them review their estate plans and speaking to their CPAs and attorneys. If you have your estate positioned right, it will help you through any unexpected crisis that may come along.

Maintain an optimistic outlook

Amir Mossanen, Senior Wealth Advisor, Market President, Los Angeles, California

There is a tendency for people to come out of a year like 2020 and to say to themselves, “I never want to feel fear and stress like that again.” They want to hide away. But if you live in fear, you’ve given up. My best advice is to be optimistic about the future, because we are inventive, creative, and resilient. At the same time, we can prepare for the unexpected by doing things like maximizing liquidity and restructuring debt.

“We can be optimistic about the future because we are inventive, creative, and resilient.”

— Amir Mossanen, Senior Wealth Advisor

Protect your assets

Renee Keen, National Practice Leader for Small Business and Personal Insurance, McGriff, Raleigh, North Carolina

It’s more important now than ever to protect your assets against physical and cyber threats. As part of general risk mitigation, consider hiring an IT professional to make sure your firewalls, passwords, and protections are set up correctly to prevent anyone from getting access into your system. If you’ve bought new property or vehicles in 2020, be sure you’re protecting all of that as well.

Focus on long-term goals

Kris Funkhouser, CFP®, CPWA®, Financial Advisor, Atlanta, Georgia

In 2020, many people made financial decisions based on short-term emotional reactions, without falling back on their long-term financial plans or life goals. My advice would be, stick to your North Star—your long-term goals—to guide you through these storms. Have a plan and lean on that framework when times are challenging. Short-term events end up being a blip on the radar when you focus on an expanded time horizon.

Amir Mossanen, Registered Representative, Truist Investment Services, Inc., Investment Adviser Representative, Truist Advisory Services, Inc.
Kris Funkhouser, Registered Representative, Truist Investment Services, Inc., Investment Adviser Representative, Truist Advisory Services, Inc.
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