Why should my business use online and mobile banking?

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Monitor your cash flow. Pay bills. Make transfers. Send and receive money with Zelle®. Take care of everything—wherever life takes you.

Want an easy way to keep an eye on your cash? Online and mobile banking is a simple way to see your account information, deposit checks, make payments, and transfer funds.

You can access your account any time from almost anywhere—which saves time and effort. And with the ease of seeing everything in one place, you can make informed business decisions. Businesses that don’t use online banking spend time going to the bank to deposit checks, calling vendors to pay bills, and tracking expenses manually. Put the time you save on traditional banking activities toward your business, and you’ll set the foundation for growth and success.

How can online and mobile banking help my business? Explore the benefits.

See all your accounts from anywhere.

Get up-to-the-minute balance and transaction information so that you always know where your cash is going.

Pay and collect electronically.

Get funds into your account faster by making mobile deposits or receiving funds through Zelle®. And making payments electronically can save you time and help you take advantage of early pay discounts.

Make real-time transfers.

Take more control over your money with instant transfers between linked bank accounts. Online and mobile banking allow you to move money where it’s needed—no matter where you are.

Use alerts to stay informed.

You can set up customized banking alerts so that you always know what’s happening. Whether based on balance triggers, types of activity, large transactions, or account access security events, alerts let you know when you might need to check in—so you can stay focused on your business.

How can we help?

One of our top priorities is making your business’s operations smoother and transactions more efficient. Choose the Truist business checking account that fits your business best—so you can manage your finances securely and conveniently.

With Truist online banking, you can seamlessly take care of your business's banking needs.

  • Easily see all your accounts—including balances, payments, and deposits.
  • Stay informed about your balances, transaction activity, and changes to your accounts with alerts.
  • Quickly and easily pay bills with online bill pay.
  • Use our mobile app to take care of business wherever life takes you.

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